HD Tach benchmark of IBM 18LZX SCSI hard drive, FAT32, Windows ME

HD Tach benchmark of IBM 18LZX, on Tekram DC-390U2W SCSI adapter, Advanced size check enabled 
Write cache enabled,
Asus CUSL2 motherboard, bios 3beta3, P3-700 @938MHz
RAM timings 2-2-2, 7/9T, Windows ME

Notice access time - 8.7ms for SCSI (vs 12.3ms for IDE/ATA). 
ATA drive accesses data ~40% slower this SCSI, 
This is what makes a SCSI drive so good at things like running your OS, apps & swap/page file,
where access times are typically the (perf) bottleneck. 

When printing DV video to tape, it's the minimum number that counts. 
As long as the graph stays above DV's requisite 3.6MB/s, you'll be okay.

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