Schooner Escape, Smooth Log, 30 June to 6 July 2000

30 June 2000

Ships Company:

Sidney:     Captain

Nancy:     First Mate

Wendy:     Quarter Master

Joe:         Engineering and Sanitation

Jahmar:     Master of Arms

Guests:     Lani, Stephanie, Wesley, Evan to join us on Sunday an Isthums.

Ships Company had come on board the previous evening as req'd by the captain to ensure early departure next morning. Noted that this is the first cruise of the millennium.

09:30 Remaining crew arrived.  Much dunnage & supplies, too much. Much confusion, trips back for more food.  Lani in charge of organizing and storing provisions  below.  Good job.

10:36 Under way.

11:05 Two hundred yards beyond Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, discovered that Lani had not placed parking tag in her car.  Started a return to slip.

11:15 Moored at float adjacent to Coury’s Restaurant.  Large party ashore to place parking tag and supervise that action.

11:33 Under way headed for sea. Motor sailed to Long Beach Cut then under sail on port tack.  All sails set. Tacked south of Los Angeles Light. Brisk sail on stbd. tack but much of the time below optimum course and came in about 2 miles west of the Isthmus.

Scattered fresh sunflowers for Gussie, Chuck and Van.  Moment of silence, on the way.

Doused jib and started engine.  Just passed Ship Rock, doused main and fore stays’l.

19:30 Anchored on the east side of Isthmus Cove in 7 fthms. On 22 fthms. Of chain.  Position is N 33  27.39"   W 118  29.22". GPS works fine with proper map datum setting

1 July 2000

Nice weather all day. Using no. 2 battery and keeping nos. 1 and 3 in reserve.  Necessary to recharge several times. Various persons ashore and/or swimming,  rowing, at various times.

15:00 Wind off Island freshened.  Increased scope to 27 fthm.  Have used Ghetto Blaster on RAP several times to discourage others who attempted to anchor too near.

18:30 Wade Falny and Chris Crawley along side in collapsible boat.  Wade had owned similar boat called Naiad. The were shown boat below but declined refreshments as we were about to prepare dinner.

Dinner aboard.  The Captain’s excellent chili.

2 July 2000

Nice weather again all day all day.  More recharging.  Activities much the same as prior day. Using no. 2 Battery and keeping nos. 1 and 3 in reserve.  Necessary to recharge several times. Various persons ashore and/or swimming,  rowing, at various times.

Grilled steaks for dinner.  Grill was set on deck on port side in the way of the main cockpit.  Used moistened towels to protect bright work.  Probably need a better unit.

21:15 Fire works.

11:00 Contrary wave motion, much rolling.

3 July 2000  

Excellent weather.  Furthur use of Ghetto Blaster with RAP to good effect.  No problems with ground tackle, and no boats too near.

0725 Started engine to charge no. 2 battery.

09:25 Engine off.

10:00 Called Harbor Master regarding arrival of Catalina Express. Next boat due at 11:30.

10:15 Wendy returned and reported that Evan had missed boat.  She and Lani waiting for the 11:30 boat.

11:00 Main water tank (70 gallons) empty.   Switched to auxilliary (30 Gallon).  Ordered that sea water be used for dish washing and flushing toilet.

12:50 All persons aboard, including Evan who had missed the earlier boat.  Started engine, weighed.  Headed north west to leave Lion Head to port.  Nice sail on port tack.  Estimated 3.5 miles north of Island. Dumped sanitary tank.

15:30 Tacked. Broad reach on stbd tack to Emerald Cove.

14:00 Doused sails.  Forestays’l halyard parted just as jib was coming down.

16:15 Anchoured outside reef of Emerald in 6 to 11 fthms. on 26 fthms of chain.  Position is N 33  28.22" W 118   31.74".  Very comfortable.

4 July 2000  

Very nice day.  Inflated Avon.  Various people ashore, swimming, snorkling, rowing, etc. 

Sent Wendy aloft on jib halyard to thread new forestays’l halyard through block.  Job well done.

15:30 Captain in swim trunks.  Stepped off the side 3 feet forward of swim ladder and returned aboard.

19:00 Master of Arms Jahmar and guests Evan, Wesley, Lani and Stephani ashore in Avon to “explore”. Expected back late.

5 July 2000

01:30 Harbor Patrol escorted shore party to boat.  Complained about alleged use of fire works, and “open container” and stated that sheriff would arrive later to handle the matter.

01:40 Harbor Patrol returned.  Stated that sheriff would not arrive.   Other duties more urgent.  Crew admonished.

06:00 Started engine, charging no. 2 battery.

07:00 Shortened scope to 15 fthms.  Reveille for boys.  Brought dingy aboard. Collapsed Avon.  Rigged for sea.

08:30 Weighed.  Course 090 Mag.  Set main Stays’l.

09:45 Wendy and Nancy talking about Van and Dad.  Dolphins sited, about a half dozen.  Some along side and other leading just off bow for a time.  Wendy elated wanted to .enter water.  Had to discourage her

10:15 Joe entertained entire company with detailed description of an event aboard a Nuclear sub involving a sanitary tank.

10:30 Joe checked out on procedure for dumping sanitary tank.  He performed each step under direction of Captain.  Believe he understands procedure, but concerned about the sub incident.

10:35 Long Point Abeam 120 Mag.

10:40 Called harbor master at Avalon, Channel 12.  Moorings are available.

12:40 Avalon harbor.  Paid harbor master $21.00 for mooring number 211.

12:00 Picked up mooring 211.  Hatbor Master inserted two yellow dye markers in toilet.

14:00 Sidney, Nancy, Wendy, and Joe ashore.  Lunch. Walking around.  Some shopping.

18:20 Sidney, Nancy, Wendy, and Joe had a nice pig-out and festive dinner.

19:05 Same group to Casino Theater to see “The Perfect Storm”

6 July 2000

09:37 Dropped mooring.  Motor sailing with main stays’l and fore staysl.  Very light easterly.  010 Mag.

Fresh water in tank gone.  Have just over 2 gallons of drinking water.

11:55 Dumped sanitary tank without incident.   Noted yellow dye.

12:06 Noted position as N 33  29.62" W 118  15.9".  Plotted and estimated 16 miles to Alamitos Bay entrance.

Lani who made eggs and bacon earlier for Captain and had just made eggs for several others was starting to cook her own.  Gas ran out.  Switched tanks and gas ran out almost immediately.  Had presented second tank for filling.  Dealer did not have proper fitting but had declared tank to be full based on weight. Will know better the next time.  Uncooked eggs dumped.  Sorry about that, Lani.

15:10 East end of Federal Breakwater abeam to port. 

15:35 Make fast at slip 62 Long Beach Marina, Alamitos Bay.