Neotrace is a cool program that lets you see, graphically, where any computer or server is located, in the world.
For example, posted above is a trace from my home in
Laguna Beach to the Radified server at Communitech
(located in Kansas City)

From this image, you can see that the route does not run straight from Laguna Beach to Kansas City,
but rather travels via San Jose.

There is also a List view, which gives detailed info about each hop/node between the source & destination.
For example, the above pictured signal route passes through 16 different nodes on its way to Radified

Update 22jul2002: you used to be able to get a freebie version of Neotrace,
but that offer has disappeared since McAfee bought NeoWork in October 2001.

If anyone knows where a (legit) freebie can be downloaded, let me know and I'll post a link here.
Okay, a freebie version (Neotrace Express) is posted here (thx Heinz).
Just click "Cancel" at the Registration screen and you're good to go.

It looks like McAfee has bundled its version of this trace utility
with its
Personal Firewall Plus (US$40). Note where the follow feature is listed under the heading "benefits":

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