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Objects of Digital Desire

Canon G3 digital camera
Canon GL2 digital camcorder .. considered by many the finest 3-chip MiniDV camcorder at its price Avid Xpress DV Mackie VLZ Pro series of compact mixers Canon Pro90 digital camera with a huge lens. Too good for me, but too gorgeous not to lust after

Final Cut Pro .. a newcomer to the world of video-editing, this Mac-only program is becoming increasingly popular

The DV500 is the world's least expensive realtime editing card Media 100 - iFinnish Canon's DV camcorders have great image quality. High on the Lust list is the ultra-compact Elura2 Sennheiser's HD-580 not only sound superb, but feel like slippers for your ears
Event's studio monitors compliment any digital audio workstation

AVID is the most respected name in the industry, making quality products for editing both film & video

Alesis ADAT .. for the rad home-recording studio IBM drives suk. The Cheetah is the fastest drive on the planet (FDOP) CardDeluxe (Digital Audio Labs) allows you to record & edit digital audio at 24-bit, 96KHz (DVD quality)

Audio-Technica AT4033a/SM phantom power cardioid capacitor microphone

Tascam Portable DAT recorder .. for the filmmaker in you

Final Draft Screenwriting software - Just add words

FAST NLE systems - The Art of Digital Video, from Munich. Check out their Studio.DV Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL router - for sharing your broadband connection and lightning-fast transfers of monster-sized A/V files between PCs

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