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Yellow tag, Flamingo road escort-only area: Bluebird Canyon, Laguna Beach, California

Copyright © 2005, Rad

Yellow-tag on home with red door
Flamingo Road (area *above* the slide)

This area is off-limits to anyone without a police escort
I played stupid and continued on past the chain-link fence they installed.

I didn't get far before a police officer approached & asked what I was doing.
"Just looking, officer."
"Well, you can't just look," he said. "You need an escort to be here."
"Oh, okay," I said & left.
This is the only photo I was able to take in the escort-only area before getting run off.

Bluebird Canyon
Laguna Beach, California

Here is a map of the affected area.
This spot is indicated by the area of Flamingo Road just beyond number 3.

Saturday morning: 04.june.2005