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Movable Type v4.1 vs Expression Engine v1.6

I've been looking into installing the latest version of MovableType (blogging software) .. which happens to be v4.1 .. which is currently in beta3, which was released 2 days ago.The main reason I'm waiting for v4.1 is cuz (copy-n-paste from...

Installing Drupal 5.1 Content Management System (CMS)

Stayed up late ('til 1AM) and installed Drupal last night. (Eyes are burning.) The word installation is deceptive, cuz Drupal really installs itself. Simply upload the files to your server, point your browser to the directory where you uploaded Drupal (in this case, to newly created subdomain > http://cms.radified.com), and a screen pops up, asking for 3 bits of information:

Further Research of CMS Programs Suggests Drupal Better Option

Been learning more about Drupal, Joomla and Content Management Systems in general (CMS). Also been updating the comparison I documented last week (as I continue to learn more) > Comparing Joomla vs Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS).

Comparing Drupal vs Joomla Content Management Systems - Part II

This entry is continued from Part I > Comparing Joomla vs Drupal Content Management Systems - Part I You can actually TEST various CMS'es at > OpenSourceCMS, log in (as administrator) and take them for a test drive. Every two hours, the site wipes your changes and starts everything over from scratch. Pretty cool. You can also demo Joomla! here.

Comparing Joomla vs Drupal Content Management Systems - Part I/II

Thinking of splitting-out site content pertaining to my experiences as a dad .. to a NEW site, such as raddad.com (oops, that domain name already taken) .. or rad-dad.com (uh, that one is also taken). Anyway, I'll find some new domain that will work. (Cost ~$10/yr, and I already have tons of content I could transfer.)

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