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First Trip to the Gym Since Hurting Neck in Mountain-Biking Accident

Returned to the gym yesterday. First time since I went sailing over the handlebars and landed on my head. It's been 10 weeks.Felt good to throw around some iron. Everybody came up, asking, "Dude, where you been?"Felt stronger than I expected....

First-ever Mountain Bike Ride during Heat Wave Impairs Cognitive Function

At the coffee shop yesterday, I let my rock-climbing buddy (Tom) talk me into a mountain bike ride (my first ever). Unfortunately, yesterday brought a record-breaking heat wave. It was sooo freakin' hot. Tom estimated 105 degrees on the trails where no breeze blew. We didn't get started until after noon, finishing 3 hours later » smack dab in the heat of the day. (We stopped to fix his broken chain, then later, my flat tire.) This was the most physically stressed I've ever been. I actually noticed myself suffering impaired cognitive functions. For example, while Tom was fixing my flat, he told me to drink more water. So I walked over to *his* bike and picked it up, thinking it was my own.

Exercise, Bizarre Dreams & Advanced Web Construction

Remarkable how much better I feel whenever I work-out. I even feel better about myself (psychologically). Shirts fit more snugly (in chest & shoulders). Arms hang a bit heavier. Each step flows more easily, propelled by stronger legs ("wheels").

Returning to the Gym After 6-Month Layoff

Returned to the gym yesterday .. first time in 6 months. You might recall, 6 months ago, when I tweaked my back, how bad that suk'ed. (See entry titled » Falling Apart at the Seams.). Felt good to throw around some iron. I went straight to the BACK exercises, beginning with deadlifts.

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