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Broke up recent blog entry (about Navy Nuclear Power school) into two parts. The original grew too long for a single page. Also added heading titles (not needed with shorter entries). Still reading Head First XHTML/CSS book. Learning about CSS. Already know most of this, too, but definitely best chapter yet (far as learning useful info). Also .. been trying to get off the bean (as you might recall). Not going very well. The mere idea of quitting makes me wanna drink more .. (cuz I can't be sure tomorrow won't be the day I really quit).

U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School | An Inside Look - Part II

Far from being coddled, Nuclear officers were taken to task and held responsible. Do you recall the fiasco at Abu Ghraib prison? .. the one where the officers in charge claimed ignorance? before fingering the enlisted folk? That would've never happened under Rickover's watch. He would've had their officer nuts hanging in his office by sunset. Nobody told Rickover, "Sir, I uh, didn't know that was going on ..." .. uh, not if they wanted to keep their jobs. In Rickover's Navy, not knowing about something (ignorance) is *worse* than condoning it.

United States Naval Nuclear Power School | An Inside Look - Part I

The Wikipedia entry for the US Naval Nuclear Power School says » "It is regarded as one of the most difficult academic programs in the world." The words in the world caught my attention. Never quite sure how much I can (.. or can't) say .. cuz the curriculum is comprised, largely, of material labeled confidential (big red stamp).

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