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The Bug's 3rd Birthday: Throwing Rocks in the Water at the Newport Back Bay

The Bug is 3. The highlight of his b-day came at the Back Bay, where we thru rocks off a bluff .. into a canal below .. on a gorgeous winter afternoon in sunny SoCal. At first, he couldn't reach...

Visitation with Young Children: Can't See Them vs Don't Want to

One of the most subtly-gnawing things I've had to deal with—as a part time dad—is the notion that the Bug (until recently) did not understand the difference between:I can't see him. I don't want to see him. I mean, if...

Everything I Can Possibly Do .. to Stay in the Bug's Life

Quick update to let everybody know that .. regarding the previous entry (and this one) ยป I'm doing everything I possibly can .. to remain in the Bug's life. When you can't afford an attorney, there are only so many levers you can pull, and buttons you can push. But I'm pushing & pulling the best I can. (Couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least try.)

A Father's Thorn in the Flesh | Weekend Visitation Snatched Away

The Apostle Paul wrote (in 2nd Corinthians) > "There was given to me a thorn in the flesh..." I may not be an apostle, but I know the feeling. A thorn in the flesh .. with a little poetic license, using modern vernacular, could be interpreted thusly > pain in the @ss. At first I refused to let her take him. She was buckling him in his car seat while I was unbuckling him. Ugly situation, and I could see it was upsetting him. So I let her take him.

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