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Message started by JONDIS on Dec 30th, 2001 at 6:06pm

Title: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Dec 30th, 2001 at 6:06pm
Well,  It's nice to meet you all!  I really am happy to have found this site.

With over a quarter million page hits a month, I can hardly believe that this forum will stay slow paced forever.

Talk with you all later ...... I hope!  :)

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by Radministrator on Dec 31st, 2001 at 2:11am

I think *traffic* is what makes a forum valuable. When I have a problem, I post in forums where many sets of eyes will see my question, increasing the chance that someone will have seen the same problem & knows a solution.

There are many other forums with much better traffic. It's like a catch-22: you need good traffic to draw people to a forum.

Little by little it grows, but I don't know if my server could handle a full-blown forum.

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Dec 31st, 2001 at 7:59am
Chicken > Egg
Egg > Chicken

I notice you mention "The VideoGuys" in a couple of locations on your site.......

I like thier site as well, but thier forums are pretty slow.

I was curious as to what you might suggest for the "best" forum for Digital Video Editing info?

The two you list in your NLE  Workstation article are both broken links.

http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?a=cfrm (Ars bbs forums)

http://forums.anandtech.com/categories.cfm?catid=27 (Anand bbs)

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Dec 31st, 2001 at 8:08am
OK, so I'm an idiot.....

For some reason those exact links <cut and paste> work here but not within the article.

Any ideas??

also, (just a curious, but related, side note) certain pages on your site have a tendancy to kick me back to your homepage.
It's kinda weird.........  Usually about 3 seconds after the page loads.....   and it seems to be very random as to what pages do it, and when, and for how long, etc.

Probably on my side.  Although, I haven't noticed it on any other sites as of late.

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by Radministrator on Dec 31st, 2001 at 6:02pm
I use the forum for the Matrox RT2000/RT2500. There's both an official (Matrox) and an unofficial forum. Sometimes the Adobe forum for Premiere can be helpful (not much).

It depends what card you have, and which editing app you use.

The links on my links page are bad. The visible are good, but the real links themselves are bad. Both these sites have changed their URLs  a few times since I wrote the guide, which badly needs an upgrade. It's hard to keep up with link-rot.

Not sure about the kick-back. There's a 7-second timer on the splash page, that kicks you to the main page, but that's the only one.

What browser are you using?

I'm not very much of the web master, but trying to learn. I try to keep it simple.

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Jan 1st, 2002 at 1:53am
Hmmmm....thanks for the link info

but this kick back stuff is really wierd!

I have two different pcs on a linksys cable router and it is happening on both.

Both pcs are using IE 5.5

In the time it has taken me to type this so far...... I have been kicked back 10 times.

I take it no one else has had this problem?

I will keep checking things on my end and let you know.

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Jan 1st, 2002 at 2:07am
Update on the kick back thing....

I have your site www.radified.com as a favorite link, when I connect to that address I go to your green screen of terror, J/K......

I found the ENTER link in the type in the right hand column so I immediately click on that to enter the homepage.  When I do it this way is when I have the kick back problem.  If I stay on the Green Screen and let the timer advance me to the homepage it doesn't happen.

I know nothing about website development, but I would guess that the timer function gets into some kind of loop and is not terminated correctly if you don't hang out in the "Green Room" for the entire 7 seconds........ I'm just guessin' here, but surely I'm not the first person to skip through to the homepage?

Give it a try on your end and see what ya get. ;D

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by JONDIS on Jan 1st, 2002 at 2:12am
One more thing....

you have to immediately click through to the home page and then immediately click through to another page (like the forum) for it to happen.

The homepage must be the "terminator" for the timer command.

EDIT:  yup, if you blast through the green screen, and then through the homepage you get kicked back to the homepage. And then if you immediately forward to the page that you were kicked back from, you get kicked again.  It seems that if I get kicked back to the homepage and I hang out for a while,  the loop is terminated.

Guess I'll just have to quit drinking so much coffee and hang out on your homepage for a few more seconds. hehe

Kind of a good way to make people check out the daily news though. :P

Title: Re: Hello All!!!
Post by Radministrator on Jan 1st, 2002 at 9:41pm
ah, a java-lover. I love a good caffeine buzz, myself. :)

I actually spent some time trying to find a happy medium with the timer .. 7 secs seemed 'just right'.

Just click the bookmark in the upper left-hand corner of the main page, and it'll bookmark that page for you .. and you won't have the timer prob.

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