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Message started by The C Man on Jun 28th, 2005 at 4:19pm

Title: ? about using a subdomain with a domain name
Post by The C Man on Jun 28th, 2005 at 4:19pm
Hey guys, I have a question about using a subdomain with your registered domain name.  Firstly, when you register a domain name do you automatically get the right to use a subdomain with it, or does it depend on your hosting company?

Now, here's what I'd like to know about the use of a subdomain, illustrated with an example.  I go to cbs.sportsline.com for most of my sports news.  I understand that cbs.sportsline.com is a subdomain of sportsline.com, but whenever I hear the site mentioned on tv or the radio it's always referred to as "cbs sportsline dot com," so to me it seems that the site is better known by its subdomain name.  Is that common?

In sportsline.com's case, regardless of what you type into the address bar...

1. sportsline.com
2. cbs.sportsline.com
3. cbssportsline.com

....they all show the same information, so does that mean examples 2 & 3 'point' to the main domain?  I'm thinking that by referring to the site with its subdomain name, they're able to get the "CBS" name out there for extra publicity.  I guess what I'm asking is.... do some sites use their subdomain as a 'true' subdomain with a completely different purpose (mysite.com and mail.mysite.com as an example), and others use them more for publicity?  In the case of the domain I want to register, I'd really like to use a subdomain with it for the publicity aspect, but I wanted to make sure I understood how all this works first.

Thanks for the forthcoming answers.

Title: Re: ? about using a subdomain with a domain name
Post by Rad on Jun 29th, 2005 at 1:03am
I can only speak for Radified.

Not all web hosting packages come with subdomains. You have to review each package on a case-by-case basis. The package I purchased from my web hosting provider comes with 25 subdomains:


Look under "Advanced features". I have the standard pkg.

I use ~ a dozen subdomains, cuz I think they look cool:








.. are a few.

You can select whatever name you want for a subdomain. "cbs" can stand for anything. Or maybe sportsline is owned by cbs. I dunno.

They obviously upload the same pages to all applicable URLs.

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