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Message started by Bruce Hodo on Nov 30th, 2005 at 5:47pm

Title: Updated Radified SCSI guide
Post by Bruce Hodo on Nov 30th, 2005 at 5:47pm
I've been reading (and re-reading) your SCSI guide, and now I'm finally in a position to build my own "hybrid" screamer.

But technology has progressed somewhat since you wrote the guide in 2001(?). We now have PCI-X, 64 bit OS's, and Tekram has a PCI-X SCSI board. Have you considered updating your guide? If not, can you tell me how the above technological advances (and any others you may think of) would affect the decisions you made regarding drives, cards, etc.?

Title: Re: Updated Radified SCSI guide
Post by Rad on Dec 2nd, 2005 at 1:54am

Yes, things change fast in the world of PC technology.

Serial Attached SCSI is out or coming out. I looked for some hardware to include in the new 2006 beast I just researched:


.. but could find none. So I was left with what I had remaining from the 2003 version:


For the 2006 version, you'll note I selected a 10K-rpm Western Digital Raptor.

Where SCSI still shines, I feel, is two-fold:

1. blazingly-fast seek/access times, and especially
2. enterprise-class *reliability* (made to run 24X7).

Hard drive reliability is worth paying extra for, IMHO.

I would like to get a Raptor-based system for myself and compare with my SCSI-based machine, so I could comment with first-hand knowledge.

I only know of a handful of people who have "gone SCSI" and claim to regret it. (Hard to believe.)

So before I pour more effort into updating the SCSI guide, I need to check out a Raptor-based system. The SCSI guide turned out to be much longer, and more work, than I expected.

Intuitively, I can't help but feel the Raptor will disappoint in direct comparisons with a 15k-pm SCSI-based system .. but I could be wrong.

What Tekram PCI-X adapterare you looking at? PCI-X is different, you will note, from PCI Express.

If I were you, I'd research Serial Attached SCSI.

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