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Message started by Vogtma on Oct 25th, 2006 at 1:47pm

Title: Ghost 8 and network imaging
Post by Vogtma on Oct 25th, 2006 at 1:47pm

I am a long time user of Ghost.  Unfortunaltley, I have been using in an enviroment that was all established for me.  

I recently was asked to set up a network for a small business.  I wanted to get all the machines on a standard image.  When I tried to start Ghost the same way I normally would on my corporate network, I get a message saying that I am logged on to the network but may not have access to some network resources.

I am using a CD boot disk (http://www.netbootdisk.com/).  This has been a lifesaver at my full time job.  With more and more computers coming without a floppy.  

I need to know if anyone has run into this issue of not being able to get to the networked drive to run the ghost.exe.

Also, for those interested.... The company that created ghost (binary research) have another utility that is a companion to ghost.  It is called UIU (Universal Imaging Utility).  It allows you to make 1 image for all your computers.  www.binaryresearch.net/UIU.htm

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: Ghost 8 and network imaging
Post by Rad on Oct 25th, 2006 at 5:24pm

thanks for the links.


most folks here use ghost to back-up their personal home computers, not in a network environment, like you are doing, altho your way seems more interesting (and challenging).

i have posted some info about using ghost across a network here:


.. which came from users with experience in that area. perhaps you may find it helpful.

otherwise we'll see if more experienced users have any insights for you.

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