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Message started by EB on May 22nd, 2007 at 1:04pm

Title: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by EB on May 22nd, 2007 at 1:04pm
Radified Community,

I recently restored a Ghost 2003 system partition to a new hard drive. The original partition size was 5gb, but was restored to a 11gb partition. The new partition size is "5gb" when viewed in "My Computer", but is 11gb when viewed in "Disk Management". How do I "recover" the 6gb portion of the partition? Is this a "Do-over"?

I am very new to this, but not afraid to do it a second (or third) time!

Many thanks!


Title: Re: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by Rad on May 22nd, 2007 at 11:11pm
came to right place.

not sure yer config.

disks? drives? partitions?

ghost will expand to fill unalocated free space, cuz most people *want* that to happen, when for example u replace smaller drive with bigger one.

if you *don't* want to do, share your drive/partition config and we can expand other partition to take space before restoring image, or use partition magic to tweak what you have now., or maybe create new partition.

depends on your config and what you want.

this is easy stuff. you should have no problems.

you have pm?

v8.05 is latest, i think. now symantec owns it.

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Title: Re: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by EB on May 23rd, 2007 at 9:33pm
Good Sir, thank you for the offer of assistance.

To rephrase my question/problem:

I restored a Ghost 2003 image of my System Primary partion of 5 gb to a new drive with a primary partion size of 11 gb. The restored System is completely functional. However, when I right-click on My Computer and the "Hard Drives" are listed; the C drive (Primary partition of a 150 gb drive) shows a total size of 5 gb. This partition was established as 11 gb using FDisk. The partition is recognized in Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Mgt>"graphic view" as an 11 gb Healthy Primary NTFS partition.

So, how do I get the system to recognize the entire 11gb?

I do own PartitionMagic but it is not installed on this new machine.

Best regrds,


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Title: Re: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by Rad on May 23rd, 2007 at 9:42pm
maybe it's terminology, but i'm still not following you.

old primary system partion = 5gb
new primary system partition = 11gb

when you speak of sizes i'm not sure what number represents *data* and what represents capacity.

i don't see a problem if you have 5 gigs of data in an 11gb partition.

personally, i like my system partitions 20 or 25 gigs.

can you spell out what you have, especially on the new drive?

maybe post a screen shot.

Title: Re: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by EB on May 25th, 2007 at 10:04am

Thanks once again for your interest in "walking me through" this issue. I have a screen capture of my Computer Management window but do not understand how to attach it to a reply. The bitmap is 70 KB.


Title: Re: Ghost 2003 Restore Partition Size Disparity
Post by NightOwl on May 26th, 2007 at 9:20am
To create your screen shoot, you can use *Print Screen* to make a screen shot (Alt + Print Screen to capture just the *active* window), open PaintBrush, paste the screen shot to PaintBrush, crop the picture if it's needed, and then save as a *JPEG* type file for posting to the Web!

You have to have your images hosted online and use that online location to pull in the image with this forum's software.

Several folks have given *thumbs up* to the Photobucket that apparently will host your images for free.

Here's the coding--in the *Reply-Preview* page where you format your response--the 3rd formatting button from the left in the top row is *Insert Imgage*--you get this in your message box if you press it:


I had to change the first *[* to *{* in order for the code to show up in the forum--otherwise I get a box with a red *X* in it when posting it to the forum.

So the syntax is as follows--you place this information between the two image code brackets:  *website address/sub-directory name if needed/filename*--so it looks like this

{img]http://website.com/sub-directory/FILENAME HERE[/img]

If you want to see how someone else has coded to perform a given task on the forum, you can use the *Quote* link for a given posting, you can then review the *code* that's being used that's of interest to you.

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