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Message started by Rad on Mar 9th, 2008 at 2:13pm

Title: Best way to copy massive amount of files on web server?
Post by Rad on Mar 9th, 2008 at 2:13pm
You might recall, when I upgraded our forum software from YaBB v2.1 to YaBB v2.2,we ran into problems moving the messages and members over to the new install. Had to restore several thousands files by hand (form a back-up).

Anyway, I aked my web host at our new VPS what they felt was the best way to accomplish this. See here for my sppt ticket:

I'm in the process of upgrading my forum software .. from YaBB v2.2 to v2.2.1. From the number, it would seem like a minor upgrade, but they tweaked nearly every file, so the upgrade is more major than it might otherwise seem.

The say the best way to "upgrade" is to actually INSTALL the NEW version (Y2.2.1) to a new directory (for which I created > /cgi-bin/yabb221), and then *COPY* all the files contained in /Members and /Messages from the original YaBB directory (/cgi-bin/yabb2) to the new (/cgi-bin/yabb221).

My question is .. what is the best way to COPY these files, which are a large number? I've always had trouble doing this. Since there are SO MANY files (~4,800 in /Messages), it seemed to choke my old server (Shared hosting with Lunarpages).

Now I have a powerful VPS, so it should be better able to handle the COPY process, but it's a real hassle if it doesn't work. Last time it took me all day to restore the missing files from the back-up.

After everything is verified to be working correctly, I'll delete the original (old) directory (/yabb2), and RENAME the NEW directory to that of the original (change "yabb221" to "yabb2"), and edit the Paths.pl file so the newly installed forum knows that it has been moved from /yabb221 to /yabb2.

I've been exploring cPanel's "File Manager," and that seems to be able to do what I want. I also been using WinSCP, which also looks capable.

What's the best way?

Their response:

I would suggest doing this from the shell using the cp command. cp is the copy command for linux.
They syntax is cp <source> <destination>

In other words: "cp /home/radif2/public_html/cgi-bin/yabb2/Messages /home/radif2/public_html/cgi-bin/yabb221/Messages"

It won't overwrite any of the files by default. It will prompt you before it does.

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