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Message started by Rad on Mar 11th, 2008 at 6:43pm

Title: YaBB 3.0 will come with support for databases (MySQL) in 2009
Post by Rad on Mar 11th, 2008 at 6:43pm
Back when we were with Lunarpages (still on "Shared" hosting), trying to reduce our use of server resources, I askd the developers over at YaBB about the next/upcoming version YaBB v3.0, which will come with support for databases (such as MySQL).

Seems Y3 won't be here until sometime in 2009, but you might be interested to read some of what they said (I know I was). See here:


Seems that Y3 will support *both* flat-files and database storage. Here's a quote:

Yes, Y3 will have support for BOTH of them, and even more. Also management and backup is made to be operated by a baby.

The best part is that Y3 has his own database abstract layer (DAL) that makes the choice of a DB engine just a user preference. If chosen at installation time, DB is not suitable, it can be changed on-the-fly to any other DB type at any time. And the backup of a running forum becomes just one command file for Y3 DAL.

The flatfile DB driver of Y3 is completely different from Y2 flatfile engine and is much more similar to MySQL structure, this leads to a huge speedup of storage engine of Y3 and benchmarks made for current core code with Flatfile are very close to MySQL used as storage.

Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Title: Re: YaBB 3.0 will come with support for databases (MySQL) in 2009
Post by Rad on Mar 29th, 2008 at 6:09pm
In case anybody is interested (besides me), it seems most of YaBB's development energy is shifting to Y3 (away from Y2.x) .. as we might expect.


This makes it easier for me to install/test different mods (which need to be re-installed following a significant upgrade). I currently have 5 mods installed (which is a good number) :

Quick Reply Box (Advanced Edition, which comes with Quick-Quote mod). My favorite, by far.
Members/Guests online today (interesting datapoint, tho easy to live without)
Reputation System (Karma Points) .. only installed a day or two ago .. still too new to get a feel for
Advanced Mail Notification (Pretty cool .. for those who make use of the email notification feature)
Advertising (Allows me to insert AdSense ads down in the threads -- where they should be -- instead of only at the top)

Many times, today's mods (after much testing and trials and bug-fixing/tweaking) end up as tomorrow's standard features. All mods listed here:


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