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Message started by Toasted on Apr 8th, 2008 at 1:38am

Title: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by Toasted on Apr 8th, 2008 at 1:38am
This is my first post and I must say I have learnt heaps from all those who have taken time to post here. For what it maybe worth I thought I might share my experience with Ghost 14 so far. When I say backup I mean image.

I had gone many many years without taking my backups seriously, so, I begun a little project to safeguard my family photos and videos.

The first part of the project involved adding an external storage device. I chose the Netgear SC101T as I had never had any problems with Netgear products in the past and the price was Ok. The only issue I had with this was that the combination of the Nortons Internet Security 2007 firewall, SC101T, and Ghost 14 causing the Intrusion Protection to be activated thinking that the activity was a Trojan Threat. The image would get 40% of the way complete and then the Firewall would start blocking the activity to the SC101T. Turn the Intrusion Protection off and no problems.

I updated my 2 laptops with Norton Internet Security 2008 with the same Intrusion Protection problem. However this was automatically reported to Symantec via the community feedback feature in the software and within days this problem was fixed. So now all my security was fully implemented, Ghost was doing its thing without any road blocks, and images were being created, happy days .

This was all I needed to update Internet Security on my Desktop PC which had the bulk of what I wanted backup. The upgrade to NIS2008 caused serious problems. I could not run any Norton application, could not uninstall, etc etc. System unusable! So stick in the Ghost 14 boot CD, 30min later back to where I started.  Try again, same problem.

This got me thinking. I did not really pick Norton Ghost 14 it picked me. I downloaded a trial version of Acnonis 11, however, it did not like my Dynamic Drive setup. I downloaded trial version of Ghost 14 and it was happy to make an image so thatís why I bought it. My drive setup could be the problem as to why NIS2008 setup was not working? Reformat my system drive, basic drive setup restored, restore system using Ghost 14 boot CD.  So with about 60min I had my system back and this time NIS2008 installed perfectly without the Dynamic drives.

Thatís why I say Norton Ghost 14 picked me and in the end saved me untold hours of reinstalls. I shudder to think how many hours of sleep I would have lost if I had of tried to upgrade NIS2008 before using Ghost 14.

My next step is to find if I can get my Ghost 14 Boot Disc to talk to the SC101T so that I donít have to keep an image on a local drive or DVD.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by John. on Apr 8th, 2008 at 9:26am
Toasted, thanks for your detailed informative review of Ghost 14.

On earlier versions of Ghost (9,10) I also experienced a case where Norton AntiVirus was blocking Norton Ghost local network backup traffic and flagging it as a worm attack! †I had to disable the worm anti-virus setting to get Ghost to work. †(you would think Norton AV would know that Norton Ghost was valid!)

According to the literature, two of the new features of Ghost 14 are better Network Attached Storage support, and also I think Dynamic drives.

Please post back how you progress. †Good luck.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by Rad on Apr 8th, 2008 at 11:36am
Ditto on that. Thanks for the informative post.

You are one of our first Ghost 14 users, so any insight you can share would be helpful and appreciated.

Lotsa fellow Aussies here.

Slight confusion. When you say:

System unusable! So stick in the Ghost 14 boot CD, 30min later back to where I started. †Try again, same problem.

.. do you mean the only difference was .. when it worked .. you had no dynamic drive? Or are you saying the restore worked, but then you retried to update to NIS2008, and that messed things up again?

Any time a restore doesn't work gets my attention.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by Toasted on Apr 8th, 2008 at 4:06pm
Yes the only difference to getting the upgrade of Norton Internet Security 2008 was to remove the Dynamic drive setup. I took a deep breath and reformatted the drive and then Ghosted back which worked perfectly. I then installed the NIS2008 upgrade without a hitch on the new basic drive setup. In all honesty I wasn't really expecting to ever use Ghost to restore anything. Ghost did everything it was advertised to do. Very happy.

John interesting you say you have had previous problems with Nortons. I assumed it was something the Netgear SC101T was trying to do rather than Ghost itself. Yes you would think Symantec would have sorted this issue before it arose.

I haven't completed any proper performance tests with the SC101T but it does take around 12hrs to create an image (1 job, 3 images) of the entire desktop system which includes 3 partitions on two drives and around 450gb data. The incemental backups are about 10min but the data changes on a daily basis are small. The video camera is gathering dust at the moment. I think the image I created of the system partition took about 15min to create on a local drive and about 40min to the SC101T which is about 30gb. I probably should post exact timing rather than "I think" timings.

I also created a Recovery Disk using Ghost 14 which was created without incident and booted without incident. I did this on both a laptop and desktop system no problems.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by John. on Apr 8th, 2008 at 4:26pm

Toasted wrote on Apr 8th, 2008 at 4:06pm:
I assumed it was something the Netgear SC101T  

I don't think that NAS support was fully working in previous releases of Ghost.  The main reason is that a NAS device is a device with an ip address as opposed to the normal Ghost connect which connects to a folder on your or another pc.  The documentation for Ghost 14 also shows new feature for FTP of backups over the Internet.  (hate to think how long 450GB of data would take on ftp!).  You can search the forum here for NAS and read some of them.

You should do a small partial test on your Recovery Disk.  Just see if you can boot from it and then restore one or two small files from the NAS to your original location.  There's many unfortunate past posts here of people that had never tested the Recovery boot CD, and then had issues at the wrong time.  

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by Toasted on Apr 8th, 2008 at 7:48pm
Thanks John. I will do some research/ reading / learning on networking and see if I can get it to work. I haven't tired so it might be very easy. My backup solution is that I have 3 computers connected to the SC101T and would use one of these to burn a recovery point to DVD and restore from this. I tested this feature and it worked fine. It would be far more convenient to do it directly though and thats part of the point in having some sort of network storage.
Again thanks everyone for your advice.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by John. on Apr 8th, 2008 at 8:01pm

Toasted wrote on Apr 8th, 2008 at 7:48pm:
and would use one of these to burn a recovery point to DVD and restore from this.

As an experiment test, you should try booting from the Ghost Recovery CD on one of the pc's.  If you know the ip address of the NAS, you should be able to restore directly from it.

Title: Re: Ghost 14 picked me!
Post by Toasted on Apr 10th, 2008 at 6:30pm
Thanks John. I did not have any success creating anetwrok connection the the SC101T from the recovery disc. I need to do some more research on the SC101T. It needs software installed on each connecting PC to attach. I can ping the IP but cant seem to create a drive mapping in the recovery environment. I am also now having some problems with the image writing to the SC101T. I did some reading and the unit is described as a SAN and even though you can share partitions the SAN is not that good at sharing the same partition to multiple computers. I now have it setup so eash PC is imaging to a seperate partition on the SC101T and see how stable this is over the next few days.

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