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Message started by Rad on Jun 9th, 2008 at 3:38pm

Title: New version of YaBB forum software v2.2.2
Post by Rad on Jun 9th, 2008 at 3:38pm
The boyz over at YaBB released a new version last week v2.2.2:


We here at Radified are currently using v2.2.1, so this would be a minor upgrade .. but I always like to use the latest version.

I have uploaded the new files to the Rad server at may look into upgrading .. if I find time (legal stuff here time consuming).

Here's a list of changes (3 months since last upgrade):

This release contains several bug fixes, performance improvements, and layout improvements reported as issues by users of YaBB 2.2.1. It is not considered a critical update, but as always, upgrading is easy and recommended.

Feature Additions:
- Made PM text area resizeable consistent with Post text area
- Language selection at login
- Revised Pop-Up PM/email notifications and added selection functions to Admin Center
- Birthday greeting for user on their birthday
- Direct link to new PMs
- Improved PM listing background colors
- Selectable option for either pictures/picture links in quoted posts
- JavaScript-alert on multiple login clicks
- Default forum language selection at forum setup

Performance Improvements:
- Removed extra comma in code
- Removed duplicate language loading in debug routine
- Removed extraneous code in Subs.pl
- Removed javascript function already performed by ondbclick
- Moved lines of code in Search.pl
- Insert removed by mistake, and added IF statement to safe double call
- Search by member hangs or takes a very long time

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
- Error in error subroutine
- With DST checked, the greeting changed at the wrong time
- Forum log Referring Pages section displayed smilies in place of text
- Modifying polls results in Javascript syntax error
- Modified Guardian to allow javascript code in posts
- Improved PM functions with PM set for Admins/GMods only
- Call for "new" post in threads
- Bug with Ex-Member in last post of threads
- E-mail addresses starting with letter "o" making a smiley
- Special characters in passwords, email, and username
- Special characters ( and ) in Displayed Name
- HTML removed from signatures
- PM "to" selection showing all members if PMs restricted
- Ex-Members showing as blank in "From" and "Sender" fields of PMs
- Numerous issues with Broadcast and Personal Messages
- Case-sensitive search in foreign languages
- Highlight tag changing font properties
- Some members erroneously showing as Ex-Members
- Letter D converted erroneously into smiley

Link Fixes:
- Alert Moderator feature returned user to first page of topic instead of originalpost
- Missing link for user name in User CP
- Navigation link for user's last posts
- URLs being ripped in posts
- Problem adding tabs with internal URLs being truncated
- 'Open message to Call Back!' link in Outbox if >1 recipient or PM Notification on
- Removed extra blank spaces in searches

RSS Bug Fixes:
- Newer IE7 versions show active "Feeds" button When RSS disabled
- Words filtered out with Word Censor list were not filtered in RSS feed
- RSS feed improperly included very old posts

Layout/Format Fixes:
- Check mark in notify of replies to topic disappears in preview
- Partial word search does not highlight text in message
- Member list in Search if PM enabled for Admins & GMods only
- Print page does not display quotes in posts properly
- Deleting PM from PM view causes error in PM Storage listing
- PM storage page index does not display properly
- Page numbers for PM storage folders
- Board-notifications in a single board or thread
- Revised color selection for member groups
- Updated (Live) Preview Layout in Post and PM, added automatic resize live preview field
- Move Live Preview area below Preview in PM area
- Message Status Icon displayed in PM Live Preview
- Improved readibility of links below buttons in PMs
- HTML error (form element inside span element) in default template

Spelling, Text, and Instruction Fixes:
- Typographical errors in Help files

Title: Re: New version of YaBB forum software v2.2.2
Post by Rad.Test on Jun 9th, 2008 at 11:38pm
having trouble with the y222 install:


Title: Re: New version of YaBB forum software v2.2.2
Post by Rad on Jun 12th, 2008 at 7:45pm
New forum (Y2.2.2) installed.

Takes me a while to dial-in new installation, but we should migrate to Y2.2.2 eventually. (I'll move all Members & Messages as the last thing I do before converting over to Y222)

Their Setup file had trouble dealing with installations to non-standard directories, such as I use. You'll notice this particular script is installed to the /yabb222 directory (while /yabb2 is standard).

I also installed non /cgi-bin files to the /yabb222files directory (while /yabbfiles is standard).

Title: Re: New version of YaBB forum software v2.2.2
Post by Rad on Jun 13th, 2008 at 1:44am
Okay, we're using YaBB v2.2.2 (released June 5, 2008).

Lemme know if you find any bugs/glitches.

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