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Message started by teemac on Dec 9th, 2008 at 8:51am

Title: EASEUS Partition Manager
Post by teemac on Dec 9th, 2008 at 8:51am
I have used Ghost in the past and own several versions, but just wondering if anyone has tried this program?

Easeus Partition Manager.

I tried to post a link, but was told not allowed as this is my first post.

Looking at the specs, it seems to do what I need - just backup a partition for safe keeping and restore later when the original is full of junk.

I now use Kubuntu Linux on all 4 of my main machines and have only 1 Win machine left to keep having to image because of viruses etc.

Looking for a good quick cheap version similar to Ghost, which is getting to bloated lately.

Thanks for your time.

Title: Re: EASEUS Partition Manager
Post by TheShadow on Dec 10th, 2008 at 6:48am

I've read your post twice and I still don't understand why you need a "Partition Manager" to do backups of your OS drive.

However you didn't do your "Do's" and tell us about your system.
What make, model, OS, ram? drives?  etc.

If you already own several different versions of Ghost, the best backup program to ever come down the pike, why don't you just use it?

We've even discussed FREE alternatives to Ghost, right here in this "Radified" forum.  
I've written several thousand words on the subject myself. ;)

Me?  Well I'm an old hard-head.....I still use Ghost 2003 to back up my XP system and Ghost 11.5 to back up my Vista System.
I run Ghost 2003 from a boot floppy and Ghost 11.5 from a boot Flash Drive or CD.  Both work swimmingly well.

I for one, would definitely NOT be jumping on an unproven program to do what Ghost does so well.  That would be foolish at best.

You mentioned you have to do a restore because of Viruses. :-/
Why don't you just keep the viruses off of your computer in the first place?  That's a whole lot easier than having to do a Ghost restore and loosing everything you've done on your PC since the last Ghost backup.  AVG 8.0 FREE does that little job quite nicely.  I use it and share it with my hundreds of customers and we all stay 100% virus FREE.  The program is FREE to download and it gets daily updates automatically and will even run a full scan daily if you like.

Ghost is too bloated?  Well, the GUI probably is.  I thought so many years ago when I got my first version that came with a GUI.  That's why I used it to make my first Ghost boot floppy and then I promptly deleted the Ghost program off of my Hard Drive.  I've never installed Ghost to my hard drive since then.  Just having it on the OS drive is redundant (ridiculous), when that drive crashes.  
It's pretty hard to use it, from a crashed drive. Don't ya think?

Ok, that's my two cents worth, for a Wednesday morning, still working on my first cup of JO.

Y'all have a great day now, Y'hear?

Happy Holidays!

Shadow  8-)

Title: Re: EASEUS Partition Manager
Post by teemac on Dec 11th, 2008 at 5:22am
G'day TheShadow.

I was a bit premature in asking about Easeus - after reading the fine print on it's home site, realised it was a Partition Manager only. Got the link from a blog somewhere that said it was like Ghost - it's nothing like Ghost.

My system is Q6600 Quad (water cooled), 4gb ram, 3x 640gb WD HDD, LiteOn DVDRW, 1.44FDD, Card Reader and some other knobs and dials.

My last version of Ghost is v10.0 and what I mean by 'bloated' is that I have to have it installed on the drive before I can use the CD for restore. If I uninstall it the boot CD will not allow me to use it until I reinstall Ghost back into Windows. On older versions (2003 was my favourite) I just made a boot floppy and used that on my machines and uninstalled all the live ghosting stuff from Windows.

Also I do use AVG8 and Spybot and AntiMalwareBytes - but always seem to get some infections and stuff every week. I have been spoiled by Kubuntu Linux on my other machines the last couple of years with their simplicity and 'virusproofness'.

I thank you for your comments and help and have also found most of what I needed to know about bootable self restore DVDs and hidden partition methods while browsing a lot of the topics in the forum. Also have contacted several people directly for needed hints.

If I need any more help I will certainly call out.

Thanks again - teemac.

Title: Re: EASEUS Partition Manager
Post by TheShadow on Dec 11th, 2008 at 7:38am
I think if I were you, I'd still be using Ghost 2003 from that boot floppy.  You DO need build 793 for the latest motherboards.
Do you still have that Ghost 2003 boot floppy?

I'm told by my software guru, that Ghost will back up Linux too.  Have you ever tried that?

On the other side of the coin....."Partition Magic 8" CAN be used for drive cloning.  I've not personally done it, but my friend and software guru has.

But when you've got the best, you can forget the rest! ;D ;D ;D

Happy Holidays!
Shadow  8-)

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