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Message started by fluxcapacitor on May 28th, 2009 at 2:11am

Title: A Huge Thank You! ;D
Post by fluxcapacitor on May 28th, 2009 at 2:11am
I upgraded my system last July from an aging Nforce2 setup to a C2D/P35 system.  One of the biggest letdowns was that for the life of me I couldn't get Ghost 2003 to boot from a CD.  This was the old .779 version because the first time back a year ago I tried to get .793 off the Archive Server, it didn't work.   All I could get working was to boot off a floppy and had to use the -noide switch to get Ghost to see my SATA drives. 

Well now that Vista SP2 just got released I figure ok I'll ghost my system and install.  Well for some reason I never figured out, every time recently that I tried to boot ghost off my .779 -noide floppy, I would always get a message of "remove disks or other media" and when I did it would just boot into Windows.  Strange.  Whatever, anyway on a whim I install Ghost 2003 on Vista x64.  This time I actually got the Archive Server to work and updated to .793!!!  NICE.  Then I found NightOwl's guide and it worked like a charm!  I didn't even have to add the -fni switch for Ghost to see my SATA drives.  Awesome, I'm a happy guy.  Thanks. :D

Title: Re: A Huge Thank You! ;D
Post by Brian on May 28th, 2009 at 2:54am
@ fluxcapacitor

Have you tried a Ghost 2003 restore of a Vista partition? Image creation is no problem but I gather the restore process is tricky and each restore needs a BCD edit. There is no point in having images if they won't restore. Please let us know your findings.

I'm not a Ghost 2003 user but I might try it with Windows7.

Title: Re: A Huge Thank You! ;D
Post by Brian on May 28th, 2009 at 4:30am
@ fluxcapacitor

I saw your other post where you mentioned no problems restoring a Vista image. That's good to hear.

I just created a Ghost 2003 image of a Windows7 partition and restored it, several times, to the same partition. No problems. Win7 booted normally each time.

Next, I deleted the partition and recreated a partition with a starting sector about 10 GB towards the start of the HD than the original partition. The original partition was in the middle of the HD. After restoring the image, the OS failed to boot. There was the familiar black screen, "Windows Boot Manager" saying "Windows failed to start etc". On my test computer none of the Win7 DVDs booted so I couldn't do a BCD repair from the disk. (Strange as Vista DVDs do boot) I did a BCD Edit from BING and then Win7 booted normally.

Ghost 2003 continues to live.

Title: Re: A Huge Thank You! ;D
Post by fluxcapacitor on May 29th, 2009 at 4:46am
Yeah I've resored from my images today.  Worked just fine, as it has many times in the past.

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