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Message started by Kirk on Jun 17th, 2009 at 11:52am

Title: image is full
Post by Kirk on Jun 17th, 2009 at 11:52am
Alright, I may be a little slower than most but I have tried numerous times to "Inject" the nine files out of "Extracted Files" excluding the .cab file. I get the same answer every time:"The image is full. I am using GSS 2.5 (Ghost 11.5) My ghost.exe file is 1.83 mb alone. Am I using the wrong ghost.exe I only find one. Please help.  [smiley=huh.gif]

Title: Re: image is full
Post by Rad.in.UbuntuVM on Jun 17th, 2009 at 10:01pm
are you using nightowl's boot cd guide?

Title: Re: image is full
Post by NightOwl on Jun 17th, 2009 at 10:58pm
@ Kirk

Am I using the wrong ghost.exe I only find one.

Well...sort of!

My ghost.exe file is 1.83 mb alone

As you have clearly noted--your ghost.exe is greater than the standard 1.44 MB that fits on a floppy disk.  Also, the standard hidden boot sector on a bootable CD or DVD is that same 1.44 MB size!

My Guide was based on the older retail version of Ghost--i.e. Ghost 2003--which is much smaller--less than 1.44 MB size!

So, there are two options: 

1.  You can use WinImage to create a 2.88 MB boot sector for using on an optical disc.  But, you have to have burning software that also supports selecting that larger size for the boot sector.  Nero and Roxio, in their *full versions* support this--but many of the OEM versions of these burning softwares are *lite* versions with certain features disabled--in particular the ability to make a boot sector anything other than 1.44 MB in size!

2.  The other alternative is to simply leave *ghost.exe* out of the boot sector.  Just put in the needed DOS boot files as outlined in the Guide.  And when you reach the point of setting everything up to burn, put (include) *ghost.exe* in the *data* portion of the optical disc you are about to burn.  When you boot to DOS now, you will have *ghost.exe* available on the optical drive (should be the *X:* drive letter if following the Guide).  Simply type ghost.exe and ghost should start up fine (your path statement includes the drive letter *X:*, so DOS will find the *ghost.exe* program on *X:* if it's there!).

If you do not follow what I have said above, let me know--post any questions and we can explore the details!

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