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Message started by Rad on Jul 21st, 2009 at 3:39pm

Title: VPS server upgrade
Post by Rad on Jul 21st, 2009 at 3:39pm
Received this email today:

Dear Valued WiredTree VPS Client,

We are pleased to announce we are upgrading VPS resources for all existing customers! We will be phasing out our VPS384 plan and we will be introducing a VPS1024 plan as our new high-end VPS plan. Every VPS plan will be shifted up a step from the plan it is on currently. For example, if you have a VPS384 currently, you will be upgraded to our new VPS512. If you have a VPS768 you will be upgraded to our VPS1024. This "level up" will be occurring for all current VPS customers, and the best part? Your rates will remain the same!

We have invested thousands of dollars over the past few months upgrading our infrastructure to support these increased allocations to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. These upgrades will be performed throughout the rest of the month and you will receive a personalized email when your VPS has been upgraded letting you know your new resources. Nearly every client will receive a memory and bandwidth upgrade and some will receive a disk space upgrade as well. Again, you will receive a personalized email for each VPS you have during the next couple of weeks with specific details on what has been upgraded on your account. There will not be any downtime required to perform the upgrade either!

Not only are resources being upgraded we will be rolling out a couple of other cool features as well for VPS plans over the next few weeks. The first is that all VPS and Hybrid plans will now have access to WiredTree's private network. WiredTree's private network is a fully routed network that is internal to WiredTree. Your servers can communicate with each other free of charge over the private network! We will also be enabling IPMI monitoring for all VPS accounts - this will allow you to check the physical health of the server you are on - CPU temperature, voltages, fan speed, etc. We are also adding additional memory monitoring for your VPS accounts as well. Check back in Grove over the next few weeks for availability!

Thank you for your business and for choosing WiredTree!

I started with a 256-MB acct, with a free upgrade to 384. WiredTree claimed 256-MB accts can have stability problems, due to the amount of memory required to run the cPanel/WebHostMgr software alone.

Title: Re: VPS server upgrade
Post by Rad on Jul 29th, 2009 at 1:03pm

Congratulations, your VPS host.radified.com has been leveled up!

You may have read in your email that WiredTree is "leveling up" all current VPS clients free of charge either in the email we sent you or in your Grove account. If you have not, please have a read through of the complete announcement in Grove. To summarize quickly though, we are "leveling up" each VPS plan by one tier, free of charge!

This is the personalized email we said we would send when your server has been upgraded.

host.radified.com has been upgraded from a Virtual Private Server 384 to a Virtual Private Server 512 !
Your guaranteed memory has been increased from 384MB to 512MB!
Your bandwidth allocation has been increased from 600GB to 1000GB!
It looks like you used a coupon which gave you a discount on your current plan rate, and we are passing this onto your new plan for you!

Thank You for being a WiredTree client!

Title: Re: VPS server upgrade
Post by Rad on Jul 29th, 2009 at 1:24pm
Memory usage.

Occasionally we re-cache our VZ nodes, which means it takes all of the files that are in common between the VPS on the node and puts them into one place. This allows the server to use only one copy between them all so it speeds up access and it drops memory usage because the memory usage of the file (let's say a system library) is divided up between all of the VPS. If you modify any of the cached files then it immediately unlinks it and you are back to using your own copy. This would be the only thing that I could think of which would make that change.


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