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Message started by Rad on Jul 27th, 2009 at 12:52pm

Title: YaBB.3 Roadmap
Post by Rad on Jul 27th, 2009 at 12:52pm
YaBB.3 Roadmap:


July 14, 2009
YaBB 3 development site opened to the public

August 1, 2009
•Data interface layer built, beginning of migration for all code to use the new backend.
•Start creating modules and objects in the YaBB3 namespace.
•Template system chosen, template developers begin creating the new YaBB 3 look.

~ October 1, 2009
•Most of the migration to the data interface layer complete. Data interface for MySQL and flat files complete.
•Most code has been migrated to the YaBB3 namespace
•Many of the templates for the new look are completed.

~ January 1, 2010
YaBB 3 Public Beta
•All code migrated to YaBB 3 namespace. All code migrated to new backend.
•Implementation of new features slows and heavy testing begins.

~ Febraury 1, 2010
YaBB 3 Public Beta 2

~ March 1, 2010
YaBB 3 Release Candidate

~ April 1, 2010
YaBB 3 Public Release

We're currently using Y2.4 (the most-recently released version), which was released April, 2009.


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