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Message started by NightOwl on Jun 8th, 2010 at 7:43pm

Title: Brian--TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite)
Post by NightOwl on Jun 8th, 2010 at 7:43pm
Brian and To All

I've got my new system running again (see other post in other forum)--and I'm doing some testing and experimenting.

You may recall that I successfully used Ghost to transfer my WinXP OS and other partitions from a AMD based system to a Intel based system about two years ago.  There were different chip sets and the old system had a Highpoint Raid controller and the new system had a Promise Raid controller.  But, both systems were built around the same time period of 2002 and both RAID controllers used PATA HDDs !

I then did a *Repair Install* over the existing WinXP OS that was now on the new system--had to use F6 to add the Raid controller drivers--but, once done--I was up and running with all my old software and settings intact!

The *Repair Install* re-installed Internet Explorer 6 again--I had IE7 before the *Repair Install*--and I had to download and install all the Windows updates again--around 100 updates all together.  Some minor settings for WinXP had to be redone--but, again nothing major.

Well, just as a test--I used Ghost to transfer an image of my old Intel system's HDD to the new system's HDD (the new system has mostly SATA controllers, but has one PATA IDE controller that supports two PATA HDDs)--booted until it reached the initial loading of drivers and then got a BSOD saying there were  hardware conflicts.

Then did the *Repair Install* from the WinXP SP2 installation disc--now the boot went a little further and did the check of the various partitions for any *bad bit* setting--all partitions passed as *clean*, but then the system froze with a blinking cursor--no other activity or error messages--darn--had hoped for better!

Well, my old WinXP system had been updated to SP3--so my first question was--maybe I need an installation CD that is slipstreamed updated to WinXP SP3.  Did some Googling and did not find anything about that--but did find this:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917964

I had already upgraded to IE 8--and SP3--but I have no recall of which was installed first!  And, I can't find anything that tells me if I uninstall IE 8--will I be back at IE 7, which I had prior to IE 8--and if so, if I uninstall IE 7 at that point--will I be back at IE 6????????  The other problem is--I can't be sure on my old system if it would boot and run long enough without freezing to do such an uninstall + uninstalling SP3 as well if needed!!!!

But, I don't think those issues are why the system wouldn't boot--looking at the KB--seems like they imply the system would boot--just would no longer have IE 6 functionality!!!

So, my question--I looked at the TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite):  http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/tbosdt.htm --and I know you have mentioned using this software--but, I can't find your thread--and I can't find a guide at TeraByte telling how to use this to transfer from one system to another--not even sure it's possible--can you tell me more?

Have to post this without proofing and have to go for now--I'll clean this up later if needed!


Title: Re: Brian--TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite)
Post by Brian on Jun 8th, 2010 at 9:29pm
@ NightOwl

In case you don't have one, here is a link to creating a SP3 slipstreamed CD. Bottom of page in General.


In the last half of this video (same web site), "Create a VMWare Workstation Machine from a Physical Machine", there is a demo of using the OSD Tool Script. Most of the video is heavy going. I thought the section on Removing all installed drivers might relate to your situation. Remove all drivers and then Install default IDE and AHCI drivers. Good luck.

The OSD Tool Script costs $15. You can buy everything that TeraByte make for $49.98, which I've done. Twice. You get three home licenses with each package.

You can put the OSD Tool Script on CD or USB but I find the easiest way is to run it from the IFL boot disk.

Just start the tool and follow the prompts. I just removed all installed drivers from my test computer. Interesting. Win7 commenced to load  but restarted after about 30 seconds and kept restarting. It never got to the Logon screen. I then chose "Install default IDE and AHCI drivers" from the tool and Win7 loaded fully (after a restart). The restart is normal. Devices were found and a restart is requested.

To make your own CD, double click maketbos.exe in the dos_tbos folder of the Pro TBOSDT download. Tick the 5 optional components. Choose your optical drive letter. Boot from the CD. At the prompt type..

tbosdt.exe osdtool.tbs     (and press Enter)

It should be easy from here.

Title: Re: Brian--TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite)
Post by Pleonasm on Jun 9th, 2010 at 8:58am
NightOwl, have you considered using ShadowProtect Desktop 4 to perform a “hardware independent restore”?  I believe that Norton Ghost 15 has similar functionality, too.

Title: Re: Brian--TBOSDTS (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite)
Post by Brian on Jun 11th, 2010 at 5:00pm
@ NightOwl

Some time ago we talked about booting WinXP from a USB device. The latest TBOSDT has a script for that and one to manipulate the registry and drive letters on a non booting system.


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