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Message started by Rad on Aug 3rd, 2012 at 1:10pm

Title: IP sleuthing
Post by Rad on Aug 3rd, 2012 at 1:10pm
IP address

anybody know about IP addresses?

in particular .. how to dig up more info than is readily available by the usual tools.

neotrace, pingplotter, whoisthisip.com:


when i trace radified, and the site is responding sluggishly, i'm usually routed thru this IP, at hop #4.

which suggests it's close. (I live in SoCal, on the West coast, the Radified server is located in Chicago .. middle of the country)

neotrace tells me the hop is located northern jersey (East coast).

which makes no sense, since I dont think I can ping northern jersey in 70 ms LESS than I can ping Chicago .. since jersey is much farther away.

now, i also ping the wiredtree (my web host in chicago) server and another site that i know hosts with wiretree (codingforums), and those pings are never routed thru this mystery IP (owned by AT&T).

in other words, the only time i see this IP is when I ping/tracert radified, and never any other time. what gives?

any IP sleuths out there? .. who know of better tools and/or techniques.

maybe magoo would know. Or maybe I should shoot off an email to Nigel.

whois whereis whyis IP address

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