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Message started by Tator on Jun 17th, 2017 at 7:15pm

Title: Backup Image drom 1 drive - Restore to Different Brand Drive
Post by Tator on Jun 17th, 2017 at 7:15pm
Recently I encountered a problem while restoring a backup image to a drive that was a different brand than the drive from which the image was created using Macrium Reflect Free.  First I created an image of a Win10 partition on a Seagate drive and restored that image to a Western Digital drive which ended normally without problem  Next I made a backup image that was just restore to the Western Digital drive, and that image was restored to the Seagate drive which failed to boot to Win10.  Error message was given on startup the the computer did not start properly and must be repaired.  An automatic repair started but failed to repair the system.  I booted to the Win10 install DVD and attempted to "Repair Startup Problems," but that also failed.  This system is WinXP/Win10 dual boot, and I booted tp WinXP which booted normally except that it ran chkdsk on the Win10 drive after which Win10 did boot but everything was extremely slow to start.

Next I ran "sfc /scannow" in Win10 which found and corrected some errirs, but some errors could not be corrected.  The I ran a Win10 repair install that helped but didn't get things gack to normal.  Finally ( gave up and restored a backup image that was created from this Seagate drive, and everything was back to normal.  FYI this image was created and restored using EaseUS Todo Backup.

Has anyone experienced any similar problems restoring an image from a Western Digital drive to a Seagate drive?  In this instance the Western Digital is their Blue 1TB drive which I've read has smaller clusters or something which makes the drive faster because it has to move less distance to read or write.  Could that cause this kind of problem?  Could the problem be due to a bug in the Macrium Reflect program?  Does anybody have any other ideas on this bizarre behavior?

Title: Re: Backup Image drom 1 drive - Restore to Different Brand Drive
Post by Brian on Jun 20th, 2017 at 4:50pm
@ Tator

I've never had an issue in restoring an image to a different brand drive.

I'm not clear on what you did. Did you image one partition of a dual boot system? Was it a Microsoft dual boot?

Title: Re: Backup Image drom 1 drive - Restore to Different Brand Drive
Post by Tator on Jun 21st, 2017 at 4:33pm
It's Microsoft dual boot WinXP/Win10, and image was made of the Win10 partition on the Seagate drive.  That image was restored to the Western Digital drive resulting in normal startup after restore.  The problems came when an image of Win10 partition on the Western Digital drive was restored to the Seagate drive.

It seems odd there'd be problems restoring image of Western Digital drive to the Seagate drive but no problems restoring image of Seafate drive to Western Digital drive.  Also note there's no problem with restoring the WinXP partition from either drive to the other.   

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