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Message started by Figment on Jan 29th, 2020 at 5:30pm

Title: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Jan 29th, 2020 at 5:30pm
Don't know how you're experiencing the coronavirus issue where you live; I suppose it will depend on the number of infected people detected there, and the news about how fast it spreads around the world.

We have no cases confirmed in Spain yet; so while there are no home alerts, it looks like people won’t be really concerned about it.

But our neighbours in France and England are already getting a glimpse of things to come


Let us hope they succeed holding the virus back. Otherwise, we will have another social experiment of how modern mass media, paranoia and rising racism can affect our lives.

Have you already detected any shadows nearby?

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 15th, 2020 at 3:35pm
How things have changed in the last few weeks...from no positives, to a few hundreds of deaths...

Well, our first two days of isolation here in Madrid, people have to realice it's a long distance run. It is impossible to foresee when deaths and virus spread will start falling; anything ranging between 3 weeks to a few months. We have Italy as image of what might happen here in the rest of the First World. But it doesn't look good.

I just hope other continents have better chances, but I fear the dice have already rolled….. and fate will tell differences in the outcome.

China is something different completely, so huge in every way….they started in December and are only starting to see the end of the tunnel.

Best luck to all of you!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by NightOwl on Mar 16th, 2020 at 11:14am
@ Figment

Figment wrote on Jan 29th, 2020 at 5:30pm:
Don't know how you're experiencing the coronavirus issue where you live ... 

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest here in the USA, State of Washington.

Well, things have gone from bad--to worse--in a very short time!

Several days ago, our head of State government, Governor Inslee, declared for the state of Washington a *state of emergency*!  He ordered in three counties with the greatest population centers that any gathering of 250 people or more must be canceled, or not scheduled for at least the next 4 weeks--subject to review and an extension of the ban.  And, any gathering less than 250 people must show that they have employed mitigating factors to prevent social contact--i.e. they must have *social distancing* in place.  These restrictions were not applied to schools, retail establishments, or restaurants and bars.

The next day, schools in the three counties were ordered to close as soon as possible--within the next two or three school days at the most.

The next day, the above bans were extended to include the entire State.

And, the next day, all restaurants and bars were ordered to close their doors to any on premises gatherings or service.  Restaurants are allowed to offer carry-out or delivery only.  Grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to continue to serve their communities.  Other retail establishments must reduce their capacity of their stores to 50% of their maximum allowed.  Essentially, all other providers of public services or recreation are restricted, which include sporting events--large and small, churches, etc., and they are banned from opening their facilities to the public.  And, no large gatherings of greater than 50 are now allowed.

Yikes!  The world as we knew it only a week or two ago no longer exists!  Many small businesses have been given a *death sentence*--yes, for the public good, but many will not recover, and be able to survive these bans--they will not be able to re-open their doors.

I shed heart-felt tears for our communities, and the world ....

The State of Washington is reporting as of yesterday, Sunday, 772 confirmed cases, and 42 deaths--the numbers increase daily.  Only an estimated 10,220 tests have be administer out of a population of approx. 7.4 million people.  Do we really know what's going on?!

I think the virus has been in our State since Dec., 2019--we just did not recognize it as being here.  It's only as the ability of our State to test for the virus is gradually increasing, that we are seeing more and more positive results.

The *genie* is out of the bottle--we will not be able to put it back in.  We can only hope to *mitigate* at this point.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 17th, 2020 at 9:27pm
I see that Washington's been taking the worst part by now in the USA, but unfortunately, it won't be kept that way. And anyway, it won't comfort anyone when bigger cities' losses start rising. Like we've been told, it's not a matter of 'if'; it's a matter of  'when'.

It was heartbreaking yesterday here in Madrid to see 19 elderlies swept away in one day in the same retirement home. Their families weren't even allowed to have a last look at them, just to gather for a few minutes at the cremation ceremony - sanitation rules above all. We can't even imagine what might come next, this might seem insignificant depending on future events.

We wake up everyday trying to keep our minds occupied inside this kind of curfew; however,  our attention is drawn by the casualties and spread rates - just like a war, an invisible war that we started to loose weeks ago when nature broke havoc and few had the guts to address it properly. A war lost when, with a few exceptions, rulers all around the globe have first tried to ignore, then pretend they would be able to do what's necessary, until figures have exposed the naked truth. A war lost when thousands of parents thought that both  home working and schools closed allowed them to rush their family to their second residence, spreading it even further; and venues, restaurants and open air terraces kept gathering public. A war lost when we, the people, refused to believe the seriousness of the situation just because we were told not to worry...yet.   Even today, we have mixed feelings about responsibility and freedom, only to be subdued by fear.

The chronicle of this new world that is rising will be written day by day worldwide, with the figures of infected, deaths and cured. Overall, we're still in the first chapter, and right now, no certainty about the outcome. Too many things we still don't know for sure, as this is "Terra Incognita".

BTW, Kudos to all the thousands of brave medical staff who are fighting and facing death to the limits of their strength. These are the ones who we should be proud of, so inspiring, and living example of how we can give our best to others.

Feel free to share your emotions or opinions, they will all be welcome, and perhaps might do you good. I will try to update as significant changes are made public, as it might give an insight of what is to come elsewhere.

Blessings and tons of luck for everyone, we're really going to need them.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by NightOwl on Mar 19th, 2020 at 12:10pm
To All

An interesting website:  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Christer on Mar 19th, 2020 at 12:59pm
@ NightOwl

Interesting, it looks like it but does the page get updated or is it numbers from a moment in history?

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by mariella on Mar 19th, 2020 at 2:03pm

Christer wrote on Mar 19th, 2020 at 12:59pm:
@ NightOwl

Interesting, it looks like it but does the page get updated or is it numbers from a moment in history?

it seems the numbers are updated, but with a day delay...at least for Italy.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by NightOwl on Mar 19th, 2020 at 2:27pm
@ Christer

Christer wrote on Mar 19th, 2020 at 12:59pm:
Interesting, it looks like it but does the page get updated ...

As mariella said:  It appears to be updated daily (based on my visits to the site).

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Christer on Mar 19th, 2020 at 3:09pm
@ mariella @ NightOwl

Thanks both, that's what I suspected, updates once a day!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 20th, 2020 at 7:51am
mariella, where are you living in Italy, actually?

We have more than 60 % of Spain's deaths here in Madrid right now, (today at noon we exceed the thousand) as we have always been a heavy air and land transit point. Unfortunately, we did not heed the evidence coming from over your country....

The situation is pretty desperate from the medical point of view, completely overwhelmed, reaching human limits. I only wished others could learn from our mistakes, but listening to news from UK is so disheartening…

And I don't know how people will change (because they will) after this starts washing away...What kind of political power is lurking to capitalize the aftermath?

5th day at home, and everybody is slowly realizing this might not be over well over Easter.

BTW the Worldometer page is refreshed several times a day...depending on the data feed from different countries. Right now there are no figures from Italy, France or  UK  yet.

Really challenging times.

Best wishes to everyone, please do take care of yourselves. We are going to need everyone's help in the near future, whenever this is over.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by mariella on Mar 20th, 2020 at 12:38pm

Figment wrote on Mar 20th, 2020 at 7:51am:
mariella, where are you living in Italy, actually?

@ Figment,

JFYK, I just live in Milan area, within the most impacted region in Italy, i.e. Lombardia.
Here we started with the first health provisions on last Feb, 21th, too much late for being able to impede or to reduce the great impact...

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 20th, 2020 at 3:54pm

So you really are experiencing  the harsh conditions first hand...I think the whole world is looking there, not only worried about the dramatic situation, but also as it is the only trustworthy reference of real outcome. China can be a good reference regarding the scientific results they are already harvesting, but most of us other countries who did not have the courage (or perhaps the resources) to give a blunt response as soon as required will be anxiously looking at Italian data curves. Predictions now seem gloomily aiming at the first week in April  to the peak, which still feels SO far away.
Forza e pazienza!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by mariella on Mar 20th, 2020 at 6:02pm

Figment wrote on Mar 20th, 2020 at 3:54pm:
Forza e pazienza!

not only, but mainly learning from others' mistakes and experience, above all.

I think that this could be the first opportunity for mankind to work and to cooperate all toghether, worldwide, having in mind a unique target, too.
But, unfortunately, this is only a utopia and, in fact, the behaviour of most impacted countries confirms that each of them is only acting independently...and selfishly.
What a pity!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 22nd, 2020 at 2:23pm
Finishing our firs full week locked; which will be extended till the 11th of April - at least.

Drove to the supermarket this morning for some food, the highway to get there was ghostly. You could wait several minutes to see a car go by. Pretty scaring, in the bright light of sunshine.

Suppliers are doing a fantastic job. There are gaps at some shelves, specially the delicatessen or uncommon stuff, but the rest is replaced daily. So there is still enough fresh meat, fish and veggies for our meals.  All areas except food, cleaning or hygienic products are sealed, though. As no extra shopping is allowed except online, there are delivery delays and a bit of overprice.

All security forces and medical staff are taking a heavy toll, specially the latter. They already represent 10 % of infected people and replacing them is not easy; students on their last year of Medicine or Nursing are being desperately called to join in.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come, but at least China's figures give a small breeze of hope.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by NightOwl on Mar 23rd, 2020 at 12:42pm
To All

An interesting perspective:


I have to admit, I see some merit in the concepts being put forth.

On our current path, I am concerned that we have set in motion a modern version of the *Great Depression*!  Small businesses and self employed are going to be bankrupted by the extreme measures being taken now in an attempt to minimize exposure, and therefore prevent the over-whelming of our health care systems.

I could be wrong--but if we *flatten the curve*--yes, the health care systems will have a more manageable load, but I think this will further extend the length of the virus outbreak!  As soon as the restrictions are lowered, there will be an ongoing new influx of infected persons who were protected during the *stay at home* mandated period.

I doubt the virus will just disappear just because we slowed it down.

Until a vaccine is available (est. 12-18 months from now), or a significant percentage of the world's population has been exposed, and developed natural immunity (herd immunity), the vulnerable portion of our populations will continue, and remain *at risk*!

I don't see a quick, or easy recovery for the economies of the world!

Try to be safe out there!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by mariella on Mar 23rd, 2020 at 5:13pm

NightOwl wrote on Mar 23rd, 2020 at 12:42pm:
I don't see a quick, or easy recovery for the economies of the world!

Economy, economy, economy, always economy!
NO,  absolutely NO!

Your way of thinking (also referred on the attached link to The New York Times' article) is extremely dangerous, in my opinion, because in this way we'll have millions and millions of deaths, worldwide, waiting for a developed natural herd immunity to the virus.

The point here is that by flattening the infection curve, we'll gain time, firstly reducing the infection rate (permitting to the healthcare operators to fight against), and thus gaining time in such a way to test appropiate  medicines (which can make the illness less strong and bearable), and finally to develop a suitable vaccine.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 23rd, 2020 at 11:23pm
With so many opinions, interests and disinformation in the midst of this tidal wave, it is complicated to get a complete clear picture of what we are living throughout the world. That's why I'm curious about how this is lived and felt elsewhere.  Sooner or later, the first wave will pass, but what we decide to do meanwhile, and the results of our actions, will reflect the moral of our societies. I can easily understand mariella's point of view, as our countries are clearly running parallel paths, and the rest perhaps hope they won't be challenged so far. I am also concerned about the economic outcome of all this, but, honestly, it depends on the damage done. Evidence is slowly piling up, but who can tell what today's figures might seem in a month's time.

When so many voices and noises make it so difficult to see clearly , we should turn to the facts. The ones I can see:

1) This disease is new. Our bodies will learn to deal with it given enough time. Right now, we feel it does not behave like a normal flu because many more people need help to resist its infection at the same time, but....

2) We were not prepared to deal properly with something of this magnitude. In any way. The problem right now should be health,  although it is sure that  economy will also be damaged, in ways we cannot even imagine right now. We still don't know how long it will take to get back to our healthy normal lives - or how these will be.

3) Our medical systems may vary on how they are financed or designed, but any of them  would collapse if NO action were taken or delayed. The examples can be easily seen, painfully enough.  And that affects not only the patients suffering this particular illness, but drags all the rest - doctors and nurses infected are a serious problem if they go down at more or less the same time, like it's happening here. Thousands of operations and treatments which are not life- or-death are cancelled or postponed. All of this will affect many more people in the short / medium term, and we're talking about worse life conditions, which also has an outcome.

4) How this first wave of virus is striking determined parts of our society (our elderly) is also to be considered. Would our reactions be the same if the virus affected the same way young and old? What IS the price of a human life? Is there a balance of how many deaths can any country stand? And I think everyone agrees that poverty and economical depression will also take their toll of lives afterwards, but we can only deal with so much without any proper information, something that we have to admit we do NOT have right now.

5) The way this desease is affecting different countries not only has to do with luck, or good/quick decisions, but there are also strong social components. Not only the age and distribution of population, but also the social links of families and their habits can determine how it will spread, and how fast.   

I think these are the most important facts right now. What we still don't know is how the virus will affect every country; when I look through figures of others who are just beginning to take the curb upwards…. I just hope they are lucky enough to have made the right decisions at the right time. But who can tell, at this point today,  where each country's limits are?

And about economy, there will be enough time to talk over it when the time comes. No diagnosys is worth it if there is no certainty about how deep and wide is the damage. The feeling is that either all the parts within economy make a deal to advance at the same time, or everyone will get hurt.

Just one last thing.

My parents are 80. They live more or less nearby (abotu 50 miles from Madrid) but in a rather solitary residential area. They chose to isolate themselves 3 weeks ago. They are lucky because they are still reasonably healthy and independent.
But what we are going through is going to change us all, our relations, our economy, all in a very risky and unpredictable environment.
I just got a glimpse of that speaking to them today.
Even taking for granted they are going to be safe during the next weeks, thanks to their isolation... They were also concerned about time itself. Who can tell how long they, and the rest of people their age,  will have to keep isolated, even if most of us can retake our (normal) lives?  What real risk will elderly people go through in the short term, even if they manage to survive this first wave? And how can it also change our economies?

Too many questions. 2020 will be a year for History books, for sure.

Please take care of yourselves.


Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Christer on Mar 24th, 2020 at 5:05am
@ Figment

Just to show that I'm following this thread but don't have too much to ad. However,

I think these are the most important facts right now. What we still don't know is how the virus will affect every country; when I look through figures of others who are just beginning to take the curb upwards…. I just hope they are lucky enough to have made the right decisions at the right time. But who can tell, at this point today,  where each country's limits are?

I live in Sweden and I guess that we're a few weeks behind in the development of the disease but coming out of denial. I'm sure you know what I mean by "denial". We discuss all aspects of this disaster created by this disease and have also discussed the value of a life. That was quite interesting since it had been initiated long before the outbreak of Corona. Experts revealed that no matter what disease or condition, we (in Sweden) are saying that one year of good quality life is worth 100,000€. I went through heart surgery in 2011 (aorta valve) and again in 2019 (needed replacement). The first operation gave me 8 years of good quality life before the second surgey was necessary. 8 years times 100,000€ gives 800,000€ as an acceptable cost. The result of the second surgery is unknown.

Now, do the math and reach a figure that Sweden, based on the reality in other countries, should prepare to spend fighting this situation. I hope that the Swedish government will release the financial brakes and make quick decisions. They do make decisions not only to fight the disease but also to assist companies that are on the verge of collapse. The Swedish national debt (is that what it's called) is among the lowest in the world and maybe it's time to increase it rather than taxing the citizens "to death" to keep it low but I'm sure that the price of money is increasing as well.

You take care of yourself too!

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 27th, 2020 at 12:26pm
Nearly arriving to the second week of isolation.

Figures are starting to loose their meaning. We are steadily pacing towards the 1.000 daily deaths in some countries, something that is indescribable. Now, multiply it by the number of countries that will soon suffer the same. 

The unnamed heroes are desperately trying to stich our society, before it busts. Health services, caretakers,  police, army, transporters, cashiers and rest of shop & cleaning staff have been clapped at 8 o'clock sharp even before the shutdown, and now that it dawns that these people on the frontline are being exposed so heavily to the risk (doctors, nurses and policemen are not only widely infected, but  we are starting to know about some death cases already) our rulers keep trailing far behind and continue demonstrating that, indeed,  they have not learnt anything from the disastrous crisis back in 2008.

Without even glimpsing a reasonable end or outcome of this harsh reality, northern European countries are challenging some Southern ones about how to overcome the following economical crisis. More austerity for the poor. And unwittingly, further fertilizing the ground for the next wave of extremism, which will inevitably lead to the definite breakup of Europe, and worse things to come. Kudos for Portuguese primer minister speaking clearly


I doubt this will change until it is too late to avoid. Alas, it has happened before…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_

Please take care of yourselves.


Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Mar 30th, 2020 at 6:09pm
Into week #3.

Haven't even reached the peak, and serious debating about the consequences of stopping the country (well, they really mean the economy) to save lives is raging through the media.

The scavengers are already considering where to take their most profitable bites. Meanwhile, the coffins are piled inside an ice rink because the burial services cannot cope with the sanitizing protocols prior to their burial.

Amidst all the sacrifice and heroic behaviour of our local heros, it seems cold hearted bureaucrats will continue designing the fate of Europe, steering towards aseptic, catastrophic policies. Safe (more or less) behind their wealthy, well supplied watch towers, scrutinizing the tides of death and misery sweeping through the land. Looking through the figures like if it was just another Excel. These judges of Solomon do not fear to slice the baby in half in order to be "fair".

They are nurturing the seeds of a new breed of fascism, which we will all regret.

Take good care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 2nd, 2020 at 12:15pm
On our 19th day of isolation, lights and shadows glide in and out as information is received.

We are starting our hardest week regarding deaths, here in Spain, even though infections are starting to loose acceleration. For sure our toll will be highest in Europe just in a few days, projections aiming at 20.000 dead. Still looking at how Italy's doing, slowly starting its trip downhill. Trying to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems that in Europe, we need right now over 1.000.000 field workers to pick our crops, which otherwise, will be wasted. Underpaid jobs that relied on immigrants working in harsh conditions. In the midst of all this rising and coming devastation of people loosing jobs, we have to look at ourselves, more than ever, in the mirror of globalization. Something I'm sure we all understand too well.

So, it is not only a problem in the production of masks, gloves and sanitizing products which were happily outsourced. The popes of liberalism have lured our societies into economical systems that do not only enlarge the difference between rich and poor, creating inequality. But we are also beginning to experience the practical consequences of its weakest points. True that we have not reached those same levels regarding food -yet. But that could also change if this situation turns to the worst. Which usually happens when the unforeseen or unexpected knocks at our door.

Is it time to learn our lessons?  Do we really want to?

Take care of yourselves, and try to nurture your sense of humor. It is, indeed, something that will be specially needy in the times to come.  

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 4th, 2020 at 4:22am
21st day. Still a long way ahead.

Meanwhile, a must read..


Most probably you have already been in touch with some of his work; nevertheless it is worth sharing and spreading. We need many more voices like his, in the future that is right around the corner.

Please, take care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 7th, 2020 at 8:59pm
Fourth week of confinement nearly there. One day less to go.

Europe is trying to sort out how economy might be reactivated when they allow people to go out again. Making the same mistakes they already committed not taking seriously what was already happening in China, disdaining the quick action in the preventive measures that could have saved thousands and thousands of lives. After this first round of disease is through in Europe alone, it will exceed a hundred thousand victims. Today France has soared over 1.400 daily deaths, after a few days of hope. And where USA may end up is just unpredictable; in such a huge and diverse country, social habits and culture have SO much influence on the number of infected and deaths. 

I remember 9/11 back in 2001. I was on holiday at home, watching the 3:00 p.m. news after a nice lunch, opening live images of a light some on the first tower, saying that it seemed that  a light aircraft had crashed into it. A couple of minutes later I saw the second plane crashing - live. I instantly realised that it was no coincidence, and that it was only the beginning of another era. Many things changed, but most came back to normal after some time.

In 2004 here in Madrid, we were also struck by horror  3/11  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Madrid_train_bombings

I used to take the train to work then, to the train junction that was aimed by the attacks. I stayed at home, shocked by the fact that I could have witnessed it if I hadn't been late to work that day. I also remember the feeling next morning, when you could hear a pindrop in the empty wagons rinding into Madrid - only a few of us had had the courage (or whatever you may call it) to continue using rail to work. I could have used bus or my own car but I was not going to let that fear haunt me.

Now, all those past loses, pain and fear may seem pale compared with the daily drain of thousands we are experiencing.  Almost everywhere. Day after day until God knows when. And my fears on the train are nothing compared with the cold shivers that shake your spine when you find out people around are being detected positive. Yes, it may be fear for those lives, or the uncertainty of becoming one of them.

The worst part is that we should be getting ready for the aftermath, it will certainly be worse. Because there will not be any individual test to determine how it  has affected your future. And now more than ever, it has become extremely difficult to foresee how economy, that has become so intertwined, will react. There will be very few winners here. Perhaps articles like this one    https://eand.co/america-is-committing-economic-suicide-c7c1f7122169  might be frightening, but the disease has just given us a taste of the consequences of turning our backs on reality.

They would not listen, they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will (Don McLean)

Take care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 11th, 2020 at 12:16pm
One month gone, one month less to go. Don't expect we'll be allowed to walk alone in a park till next month at least. Let alone any type of social contact.
Evolution in Spain is downslope, but still painfully high. Next weeks will be toughest, as we expect better weather, which will make it really difficult to stay at home.
Just yesterday alone, Holy Friday, rainy and cold, 112 detentions & 11.183 people were fined for trying to avoid confinement. Typical all year round habitants on destination sites look angrily at foreigners, even blocking roads to prevent access in a few cases. I can understand their fear, but this shows the worst parts of ourselves in all extension. Weakened wills may turn past efforts and sacrifices less useful, after fighting SO hard. You can check this out, looking at peoples eyes at the supermarket. Even though there is hardly any shortage of anything (perhaps gloves and masks) people hurry their shopping there looking anxiously around and moving clumsily.

Please take good care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 16th, 2020 at 1:42pm
Fifth week of shutdown. No clear future to be foreseen.

Everyone's waiting for figures to show a tiny glimpse of direction; but confusion is the only certainty ahead. Yes, deaths are still considerable; but  intensive care units are slowly emptying, and survivors weakly smile as they are sent out - there are still more than 7.000 seriously ill. People are allowed to go back to jobs not considered essential - if they are still running. Sunny weather absent here, which soothes a bit the urge of going outside, and it seems it will be more or less the same for the next ten days. I don't know how people will react to staying inside, watching outside a wonderful and sunny May.

It is useless talking about next steps right now - a change of tendency anywhere around the globe may fire alarms again. Can not be sure if we will, at least,  have learnt the very basics of this bitter lesson we are swallowing.

But as strict social distancing rules our lives, economy is severely strangled. How will people be able to trust past social behaviors? How can economy be fully activated without this powerful factor?

Testing and finding out up to what extent we have (or haven't) been in contact with the virus is deemed critical. It is the only way to rationally consider the limits and effects of risks we'll be forced to take sooner or later. There are silent battles going on, meanwhile. The most obvious, science against a part of nature. Yes, we are (nearly) sure mankind will prevail this wave. But others are fighting a silent war to get the better part of determining who and how to shape our future lives. It was already happening when disease struck us, and will be a magnificent catalyst or excuse to deploy all their powers in behalf of our safety.

Please take care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Apr 20th, 2020 at 9:25pm
37th day inside, first birthday I have had to celebrate isolated at home. A further experience in life.

Some kids will be allowed out next week, but there is still a lot of confusion of how that is going to work out in highly populated areas. It is simple to follow rules when they are well defined, but we have very little info yet  about how it can take place when kids are involved. Let's hope we won't have to regret this lack of definition.

Quite a few celebrities  have passed away, but the fact is that even though anyone is far from safe, 95 % are over 60, and we still have over 7.000 in critical condition. Germany is starting to open some small shops, let's see how they work out, if their experience can show us any lessons. Right now, we can only focus here on how long it will take to see daily death figures with 'only' two digits. Still painful to think we are weeks away from that.

Meanwhile, please take care of yourselves. 

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on May 2nd, 2020 at 4:57am
And on the 48th day... we were allowed to practice simple outdoor sports, at least for determined periods.
People have rushed to walk, trot or cycle. The first phase is not yet over, but its definitely closer.
Let's hope during the next few weeks time there will be no rising of figures. It would be dreadful to go back.
Should be enough time for the weather to warm up and improve moods, but still with caution.
Take care of yourselves.

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on May 21st, 2020 at 2:04pm
69 days. Inside our town. Madrid, and a few other cities in Spain are still under heavy restrictions. The dammed death curve is fading away SO slowly. The warnings regarding new surge of infections are persistent, in fact,  it's a matter of when and how strong, not if it will come, and people are not ready to stare at this reality just yet. The uncertainties surrounding the new behaviors we'll have to embrace to deal with our "new" lives are SO disturbing…. Psychology is going to be a heavy player for everyone. There has not been a proper war, but our planet has actually stopped like never before, and it would be naïve to pretend everything will just resume like before. Just like a huge  earthquake in the middle of the ocean,  thousands of miles away from coasts, once it starts, you know the tidal wave is due to arrive. Are we ready for it?
I only hope it will make us give our better side, it would be the first time in History that we as human kind, did the right thing. Nothing would please me more. But it needs to prove unselfishness from most of us, and a step aside from the people that have contributed to shaping a shameful world. That would really be a miracle. But after all, we are only human.
Please, take care of yourselves. Not only against the desease, but also against the mental strain that lays ahead.


Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Jun 3rd, 2020 at 5:59pm
82 days, the State of Emergency will linger till the 21st of June. 27.000 declared virus deaths, but figures are beginning to shed light on other aspects. There are 21.000 more (48.000) that exceed typical death average accounts measured since 2010, and that will be (just) part of the aftermath. Because this is far from over yet. Medical solutions are still far away; lockdown has merely dampened the first shock, and danger is lurking ahead in many a ways.
Meanwhile, in this small part of Europe, politicians want to get back to business as usual. And I'm not only mentioning  the economy side; they are barking at each one trying to protect their miserable crumbs, while the world's scars are bleeding. Mr. President is not the only one that thinks that polarizing society pays off. It is a sign of times almost anywhere, in different grades, of course. A bitter pill that is being stuffed throat deep and makes our lives worse in every aspect.
The world has already walked this winding road in the past century several times. Right now anyone can see how the logs are steadily piling up for a tremendous bonfire.
Please take care of yourselves, specially if you choose to stand up for our rights.         

Title: Re: World's getting paranoid?
Post by Figment on Jun 21st, 2020 at 7:07pm
Today is the end of this first State of Emergency.  Efforts to regain control of our lives is understandable, but it would be wise to be humble and admit we have not learnt….enough.
It is said that 10 plagues were sent to Egypt, and time after time, after suffering each, the Pharaoh withheld his decision to free the Israelites, against evidence - again, and again, and again….
I'm not talking about the myth, about believing in God or whatever. What I take from this story has nothing to do with God, it just depictures how stubborn can mankind come to be.
Perhaps a vaccine is closer than we think; maybe the world can really go on just like nothing had happened. Maybe infections, though strong in presence, will hardly end up being so dangerous as these last 100 days.
Most probably it won't be that way, but that painstaking certainty is too terrible to admit. So let's pretend we've suffered enough, even though casualties, being enormous, are acceptable - if anyone  could take that decision in the name of all those affected. Let's feign the fact that we are still not ready to accept the things we have to change from now on. I can see that look everyday anywhere I look. I know there are others that do care and behave accordingly, but I suspect they aren't just enough.
As usual, we'll have to stay tuned to see what follows on…
Meanwhile, try to enjoy life without putting yourself in danger.

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