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FDisk Guide (Read 4891 times)

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FDisk Guide
Sep 18th, 2001 at 4:54pm

If you haven't discovered or have been informed yet, there are three (same) simple errors in the Fdisk guide - You wrote:

"There is also a known problem with (trying to) create partitions (with FDISK) larger
than 64MB. See here (Microsoft sppt). They have a file for you to download if you
want to create a partition larger than 64MB.

I have no partitions this large (yet), so I have not used this file. I would *love* to
have a monster-sized partition like this for my MP3s and lossless audio .ape files. I'll
post a note here when I'm able to create a partition larger than 64MB, and let you
know how it went. "

All three instances of 64MB should be changed to 64GB

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Re: FDisk Guide
Reply #1 - Sep 19th, 2001 at 4:23am
You are correct. Thx for the info. I'll fix right now.

Red-faced Rad
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