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Ghost cloning (Read 3036 times)
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Ghost cloning
Nov 29th, 2001 at 12:22pm
     I resently tried to clone my old drive to a new drive.  I'm using NT & FAT 16 excusively.  I tried a Local disk to disk clone.  The old disk was the primary with 2 partions, the new disk the slave.   I just made the new disk recognizable by NT (Named it), I did no formating of the new drive.  The ghost boot disk recognized both drives and allowed me to do the cloning.  According to both NT Disk administrator & Ghost the new disk partioned a formatted correctly.  (Both show the new partions as primary & FAT16)  Unfortunately the bits used by the old partions & the new partions are different by ~ 200 bits and the new drive will not boot. Cry  I was going to try redo the cloning after formatting the new partions in NT as FAT16 to see if that would make the new drive bootable.  Any other ideas ?
                                      Thanks for the help & the other good info on Ghost.
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Re: Ghost cloning
Reply #1 - Nov 29th, 2001 at 9:33pm
I had a similar problem once that was solved by making the new bootable partition *active*. I use Partition Magic for this, but FDISK will also work.


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