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CUSL2 Shut Down (Read 1877 times)
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CUSL2 Shut Down
Feb 14th, 2002 at 2:57pm
??? New pc, New install, eventually - Win 2000 OS
ASUS CUSL MoBo with Intel PIII 800MHz
Radeon VE 32Mb DDR Video
512 Crucial PC133 Ram
Upon setup everything goes fine, Fans all working, etc.:
But after  5 minutes approx. while in setup the computer shuts down, monitor goss black, fans turn off, etc.
All that I'm left with is a flashing green light on the monitor and the PC.( of which I can't remember what that means)
Everything is brand new except the CPU and MotherBoard
Which is about 3 months old (last fall) and came out of another computer.
Please Help! I need input. Thanks!!

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Re: CUSL2 Shut Down
Reply #1 - Feb 15th, 2002 at 3:27am
You mean setup, as in installing the OS?

These types of problems suck, cuz they're not easy to troubleshoot.

BIOS version?

No o/c?

Three sticks of RAM or two?

How is your BIOS config'ed?

Maybe a bad CD? Scratched. Does it work okay in other PCs?

The CPU fan is spinning?
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