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Blog on baby! (Read 1363 times)
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Blog on baby!
Mar 19th, 2003 at 4:48am
Finally thought I'd post a word to the man....

Rad you rock! Thanx for providing your well written, straight to the goods, bulls eye advice. Over the last year or so I have tapped your resources on numerous occassions and at one point, after splurging to add 80gigs to my universe I found myself holding Uber's FDISK guide in one hand, my freshly written partition strategy in the other while looking at a black screen and a flashing cursor. Not without you baby! Three weeks later I was up and running...  kidding, but it did take me a day or so to figure out that the FDISK from Win 98 does not have large drive support.
There has been no looking back from that moment on. I regularily use Ghost to protect the goods and looooooove the partitions.

It was funny to find out you didn't know you were blogging. I guess that means you were truly blogging. Natural blogging if you will. I am not a blog fan and did not consider myself a Radified blog groupy but now that we have all been thrust into a blogging reality I must confess to being hooked on Rad blog for nearly a year.

Cheers man!

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Re: Blog on baby!
Reply #1 - Mar 19th, 2003 at 12:20pm
My dang head is gettting so big it won't be able to fit it thru the front door anymore.  Smiley

Seriously, thx for the kind words. Supposedly, you can judge a man best by how he responds to praise & pressure. The home page setting is making me drool. So I don't think I'm responding very elegantly.

Those are all the things I try to do: get straight to the point with practical advice from painful lessons learned.

Last October, Sidney asked me: "What is blogging?"

[see post dated 21oct2002:
http://radified.com/Scans/image_13.htm ]

I replied: "Not sure, but I think it's British slang for talking about meaningless bullshit."

That's b4 I knew I was doing it, obviously.  Smiley
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