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ASP.Net Machine A...   ??? (Read 1367 times)
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ASP.Net Machine A...   ???
Dec 16th, 2005 at 12:53am
Immediately after installing Ghost 10.0 a few days ago, I did a reboot.  It stopped at the Welcome/Sign In page; prior to the install, it was a quick "Push the button>Desktop came up" operation. All of a sudden, after a year of bypass,  the Welcome/SignIn page came up, requiring me  I to click on my  user name  to finish the boot.

I went to CP>User Accounts.  Lo and behold, there was another User  there besides me:  "ASP.Net Machine A..."   [I know some fairly weird people but none with that name]  Started to delete when the following popped up:  If you delete this  user account  you will lose all EFS-encrypted files....

Contacted Norton Live; after a bit of confusion on both ends, "Rajesh" determined that I needed to do a SP1 MS.Net Framework download, which I did after typing in a URL of about a thousand letters/symbols/numbers Wink

Went back to User Account>Delete the ASP.  Info window  now asked me if I wanted to save the EFS-encrypted files to a separate folder prior to deleting the "ASP" User (Rajesh told me Norton uses EFS-encryption so I clicked " save")

Finished deleting ASP User > did reboot > Windows loaded all the way to Desktop with no logon required. 

Full Backup Recovery Point I did this AM appears to still be OK.

Don't know if anyone else has ever run in to this; it sure was an adventure  Roll Eyes for me.  Merry Christmas to all.

PS:  Good job, Rajesh!

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Re: ASP.Net Machine A...   ???
Reply #1 - Dec 16th, 2005 at 2:15am

I have a barebones WinXP partition which I use for occasional Ghost 10 installs. I naturally have to install ver 1.1 dot.Net framework to make Ghost work. I did notice that I had to logon to windows after Ghost 10 was installed and today I looked in User Accounts and sure enough the ASP.Net user was there. I installed the SP1 dot.Net Framework update, rebooted and didn't have to logon. The ASP.Net user was gone from User Accounts.

I'd never thought about it before but SP1 "fixed" it.
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Re: ASP.Net Machine A...   ???
Reply #2 - Dec 16th, 2005 at 3:10am
Thanks for the post.

Search engines somehow find these posts and I'm sure you'll help someone searching for something like norton ghost 10 ASP.Net user account.


Good karma.
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