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Rad Rash! (Read 5209 times)

"I tought I saw a puddy

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Rad Rash!
Feb 21st, 2006 at 1:02pm

Re:  20 Feb 2006 entry:

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Sounds like a *contact dermatitis*--first exposure *sensitizes* you--could be no more than mild *cold-like* symptoms--most folks will be unaware of the symptoms or simply ignore them as just a common cold.  

Second exposure--skin rash--if the *antibodies* have been circulated to the whole body--not just in lymph nodes or localized tissue--so the *body-wide* skin rash.

Beware the possible third exposure--anaphylactic shock (life threatening!) becomes a possibility--the body wide reaction could make you super-sensitized--get/carry an *Epipen*!

Waiting to hear how things turn out!

No question is stupid...but, possibly the answers are  Wink !
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Ivanov Yezink

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Re: Rad Rash!
Reply #1 - Feb 22nd, 2006 at 8:27am
Hi there,

1. Anaphylactic reaction mostly occurs spontaneously, on first exposure to the antigen.

2. Try to rule out Erythema Nodosum, which occurs in association with some gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Dermatologic features may at times be a feature of some underlying illness.

4. If I were the treating physician, would carry out a full basic lab work just to be sure of ruling out all internal possibilities, which would include the following:

a. CBC & ESR.
b. Serum CRP levels.
c. Serum LFTs.
d. Urine RE & C/S if required.
e. Blood Culture.
f. Stool RE.
g. RBC morphology.

Take care & all the best.


Ivanov Yezinki
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Sufferin' succotash

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Re: Rad Rash!
Reply #2 - Feb 22nd, 2006 at 11:34am

good news is .. i'm still alive.

bad news is i finally feel good enuf to know how bad i really feel.

rash starting to go away, but that never really bothered me .. i still don't feel very well. pretty wiped out. not moving very quickly. but definitely human again.

docs all said if this were due to external irritating agent, my rash would itch. since no itching, unlikely cause is external.

and i do feel like krap inside. my guts haven't worked right for a week. whole thing started with a queasy stomach + fatigue.

all docs, including my bro, suggested, as did ivan, that the rash is merely an xternal 'expression' of some other internal ailment, such as a stomach bug.

rest, is key word of the day .. pushing fluids to flush this sh!t.

seems like, for me to know more, will cost a lot more, in lab tests mentioned, or biopsy  (or flying to chattanooga), and i have lawyer bills to pay...

i just don't want to give this to little guy. if it were just me, i'd ride it out sans medical.
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