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iomega rev (Read 1173 times)

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iomega rev
Jun 13th, 2006 at 11:02am
Just wondering if anyone might know when Iomega will soup up the 35gb rev drives/disks by releasing a higher capacity model. Their current version has been around since 2004, and when I wrote the company 2 months ago, they said the new higher capacity disks/drives would be coming soon, whatever that meant, and could/would not share any more info. Another attempt reaped even less info.

I like the rev concept for backup, since I can copy data files quickly and store the small disks in the media fire safe.
I currently store archival dvd's in the firesafe, and as you can guess, digital photo collections are outgrowing the available space.

I also use external hd's for backup, but disconnecting them for secure storage is a pain in the neck, and they wouldn't fit in the media safe anyway. I just leave them out as a backup for hd failure, and use the safe contents as a backup in case of fire.

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