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Fujitsu scsi setup (Read 1636 times)
Matt Wenger

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Fujitsu scsi setup
Jun 23rd, 2006 at 11:52am
Hi, needing some help here.

I just purchased a Fujitsu 15k 18Gb scsi ard-drive to run the OS.

I reformatted the other drives before I even had it.

I hooked up the drive with the LSI Logic SCSI controller card that I bought with the drive.

I booted (after disabling the boot to scsi drive feature) to the cd-rom and loaded xp. I formatted the drive and installed. The format took forever.

(I also formatted the drive with the Symbios Scsi
Utility. That only took 7 minutes--compared to about 2 hours with XP.)

When I reboot after XP was installed I get:

Searching for device at HBA 1, ID 0, LUN 0

and then it goes to HBA 1 ID 0 LUN 1

The drive clicks and just sits there.

If I go into the Scsi card setup utility (Smbios SCSI Utility) and turn off "Next boot" which I had to do to get it to boot to the CD-ROM to install XP I get:

"disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" (when I restart after those changes)

There are no other drives except a CD-ROM drive in the system.

In the LSI setup I have 2 controllers (I assume 1
internal for the HD, and 1 external) so I disable
the 2nd controller, #51 on PCI. (the external)

I also have 12 jumper settings on the drive:

I removed the "narrow/wide" and it proceeded to spin the drive, then detect the drive and say it was a Fujitsu 15k SCSI, then it proceeds to go to "disk boot failure"

First scsi experience. Google has been of much help. Any help or chastisement is appreciated.

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Sufferin' succotash

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Newport Beach, California

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Re: Fujitsu scsi setup
Reply #1 - Jun 24th, 2006 at 11:52am
the drive is new or used?

if used, did you run any disk utilities to check the disk for defects?

what is "forever"? 18 gigs should take .. what? 15 mins? 20 maybe?

i've heard bad things about formatting with proprietary (symbios) utilities.

what did you use to reformat? ms format.com?

did you format before or after using symbios utility?

if before, i would use the ms utility again, afterwards.

clicks are usualy bad. have you heard of the phrase "click of death"? .. which sometimes means the drive is going bad. doesn't mean for sure you drive is defective, but worth considering.
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Matt Wenger

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Re: Fujitsu scsi setup
Reply #2 - Jun 24th, 2006 at 8:04pm
Got it figure out.  Was just a config issue.  Everything is working correctly.  Thanks for the help.

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