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imaging with ghost (Read 4427 times)
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imaging with ghost
Jul 28th, 2006 at 12:03pm
Hey guys, I'm relatively new to ghost, but I need to accomplish a few things with the program. I already know how to successfully image a machine, but I need some help.

Currently, I have an image already created. The image is in a domain.

Ultimately what i need to accomplish is imaging around 100 machines with this image. While they successfully image and are ON the domain once imaged, I need to change each computer name. I attempted to do this with ghost walker, but doesn't like changing the computer name when the machine is in the domain.

I really would like to know how to have each computer's name change each time I do an image while staying in the domain successfully.

Can anyone help me?
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Re: imaging with ghost
Reply #1 - Jul 28th, 2006 at 12:32pm
what you need is the Deployment Tools from microsoft.

Assuming you are using Windows XP with service pack 2...  here is the link:


specifically what you want is sysprep.

what you are doing now is very bad.  by ghosting a system while its on the domain (or even off the domain) you are creating each and every computer with the same SID (unique security ID).  each workstation needs to have its OWN SID.  Sysprep will generate this for you. it also makes it so when you boot the newly imaged machine it will go through a "mini setup". dont worry... you can automate this process.

what you need to do is create your image... get everything you want installed working exactly like you want on every other computer.
once you have done that copy sysprep.exe, setupcl.exe, and setupmgr.exe to a folder called sysprep in the root of C:

Run setupmgr.exe and follow the wizard.  this will help you automate the setup entirely or stop at points where you want to specify specific settings... you can have it stop at the point of asking for a computer name or auto generate and apply it for you... and after this step you can tell it to join the machine to the domain.

once you are done with all the settings you want in the wizard a sysprep.inf file will be created with everything you chose.

now run sysprep.exe. under options check:
   Dont reset grace period for activation
  Use Mini-Setup
now click "Reseal" the computer shuts down and you are ready to use ghost to create your image... 

once you have that image created you can image it down to your other 100 computers and you are all set.  once they boot up for the first time they go through the mini-setup and auto perform all the actions you specified.

please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ICQ - 38347228
MSN - jasmofo@hotmail.com
yahoo - jasmofo
google talk - slapshotwilly@gmail.com
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