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Ghosting an Intel DG965RY system (Read 4591 times)
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Ghosting an Intel DG965RY system
Oct 30th, 2006 at 12:24pm
We've just receive a new system with an Inter DG965RY system board.  I've noticed that I can't boot from a Ghost 8 boot CD when trying to create an image.  I can boot fine with a Windows install CD but not a ghost boot CD.  With Ghost, it would give an error message about not having the CDROM present.  When I check into the Drive configuration under the Advance BIOS settings - it was not where to be found.

Has anyone run into this type of problem and how did you find a work around?
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Re: Ghosting an Intel DG965RY system
Reply #1 - Oct 30th, 2006 at 8:06pm
The workaround:

What I have done to solve this problem is two fold. 

1. I put a copy of ghost2003 on my USB flash drive in the root directory.
2. Boot to DOS using a windows98 boot disk.
3. Use fdisk/status to find your USB flash drive.
4. My flash drive was found at F:
5. Type f:ghost to launch ghost.
6. The DG965RY treats IDE drives in a strange manner so you must make some changes to Ghost itself.
7. When you get the main Ghost screen up select Options.
8. Using the tab key select the HDD access tab.
9. Tab down to the box labeled Disable direct IDE support (–fni).  Check this box.
10. Tab down to the Accept button and press enter.

Now you may proceed with a standard Ghost backup or restore.  Both your SAT and PAT drives can be seen and used.

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