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ghost 2003 problem/question (Read 3530 times)
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ghost 2003 problem/question
Nov 23rd, 2006 at 6:44pm
ok...I feel dumb asking about this, I'm fairly computer savvy, but I'm having fits with 2003.....

I have a image file backed up to cd's only.....I tried doing a reinstall of the image, but apparently one of my cd's is corrupted and when it gets to it, the restore operation stops...

I've since come to the point (strategy) to where I've reinstalled windows, and only have a handful of files I need to recover from my image (again, spread out over about 30 cd's)....

how can I get the files I need off these cd's using ghost explorer? 

I can get the first image open and see the files on it, but I don't know how to get it to "go onto the rest of the image cd's" to see (and get if need be) the files that are on each of them...

what I would want or think that it ought to do is once it opens my first cd of the image, to ask for the next one, etc...so I can see what files are on each cd, then extract if they are the files I need to recover.....

also need to know what, if anything I can do about the corrupt cd image file.....anyway I can see what if anything is still good on it?  I've looked up everything on these forums trying to find an answer and have looked on symantec's site (which sucks by the way) for any support answers and have came up empty.

thanks to any help from anyone that replies
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Re: ghost 2003 problem/question
Reply #1 - Nov 24th, 2006 at 12:01am

Things usually are not good if there is one corrupt CD in a image set!

Did you verify the image with an Integrity check when you made it?

You might be able to copy the files from the CD's into a single sub-directory on a HDD and see if that allows you access--assuming that *corrupt* CD's files can be copied.

Here's the only reference I've ever found on handling a corrupt image set:

How to handle a corrupted image file

Hope the suggestions help--let us know the results of your efforts.


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Re: ghost 2003 problem/question
Reply #2 - Nov 24th, 2006 at 2:51pm
some times if you do a CD to CD copy at the slowest setting of
your CDrewiter the new finnished cd might perform better

the other thing 30 CDs is a lot of risk
try an external USB hard disk (IDE)
regards Ben
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