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CRC (cyclical redundancy check) error (Read 1872 times)
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CRC (cyclical redundancy check) error
Jan 14th, 2007 at 4:27pm
y hard drive is about to become toast. I want to create an image before it does its final crash and burn, but I get an error message from Ghost10  (cyclical redundancy check error, bad sectors) and no image is created. Using the chkdsk /r option doesn't fix the problem.  PC Doctor Diagnostics confirms that the hard drive is in trouble.

I own many different versions of Ghost (9, 10, 2003, Save and Recover). Any suggestions for how I can override the error protection? Or, is there another path I can follow?

The solution strategy I'm likely to follow (based on my limited knowledge of my alternatives) is to use an older image (1-week old, created in Ghost9) on the new hard drive I'm getting, followed by an update of key folders created by Save and Recover. Is there a better way?

Thanks for all thoughts and help!

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Re: CRC (cyclical redundancy check) error
Reply #1 - Jan 14th, 2007 at 6:28pm
I want to create an image before it does its final crash and burn, but I get an error message from Ghost10  (cyclical redundancy check error, bad sectors)

I'm not sure what the final results of this will be but, there is an "advanced option" when you define a backup in Ghost 10 that by default is UNchecked:  "Ignore Bad Sectors during copy".

You could try checking this option and see if Ghost 10 will create a backup image.  Be sure to also check "verify" as well.

No guarantees as to what that means (if you get a backup image) when you try to restore it.  When you have bad sectors you can easily have corrupted data in other sectors, so the only "safe" method is to rely as little as possible on the data, and go back to a good verified backup of your data files.

Personally, I would
1. Try the ignore-sectors backup method
2. Remove bad hard drive
3. Install new hard drive
4. Install Windows XP from scratch
5. Install applications from cd's.
6. Restore data from Ghost image, maybe compare most recent with older one.
7. Try to manually verify your important data files and applications.

Not the prettiest solution, but safer.

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