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Imaging 300 GB and Larger (Read 7068 times)
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Imaging 300 GB and Larger
Feb 16th, 2007 at 4:00pm
Hi all,

Would like to know if users had a succes making a big image of a large Partition / Drive.

Last 3 days ago i startup my system in Dos.
Started Acronis True Image 8.x
Saved a big 300 GB Partition to an Image that had to go on the 160 GB USB drive.

The UI tell's me that it needed 130 - 137 GB of space.
Well that looks like i have enough on my USB Drive.

Ofcourse i loaded the Panasonic USB driver.
(hope i hade correct options, i only thicked USB 2.0 and Some Reset switches that were allready selected)

Process start, 1 day....  2 day .... lol Yeah Acronis is NOT very fast, but i needed a backup on my USB and see if it will fit.

So, today i turned on my system and i got the error:

Not Enough Disk Space - Retry Or Cancel.

Well, there you have it Grrr 3 days of waiting with no succes.

So today i tought, how about testing the same idea but now trying it with Symantec Ghost 8.3 in Dos ?

Yeah maybe i need more space on the USB (for Compression it might need more space on teh image drive)

But what i realy like to know is waht people use if they are going to backup a large partition.
And if they had succes testing it, by deleting of wiping the partition and then test to see if a image restore of that size is safe and correct.

I still have 500 GB free space on a internel sata drive. So yeah maybe my USB 160 GB is nog enough.

Still like to know if maybe Ghost is more succesfull in doing large NTFS partitions then Acronis.

I have :

Sym Ghost 8.3 and i have Acronis TI 8.x

Anyone has had succes with one of these programs? or maybe a better one.

Waiting 5 days is not a problem, having a bad image is a problem.

Sure, just copying files as backup works aswell.. but what i try to find out is a Image tool that does a lot of GB correctly and if some users have had succes with the procudure

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Re: Imaging 300 GB and Larger
Reply #1 - Feb 20th, 2007 at 10:28am
The benefit of imaging 300g's and larger still remains a mystery to me.

Following the partitioning strategies of this forum in the past has now given me the best running, cleanest system I've ever had that is reliable. 

If you are using XP on one partition and keeping your files on another, you should never have an image over 300g's.

You can back up files with Nero,...  why do it in Ghost?

I just scoured the whole freakin net and Google brought me back here!
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Re: Imaging 300 GB and Larger
Reply #2 - Feb 25th, 2007 at 1:41am
just clik on properties on the smaller drive and select "compress to save space" then drop n drag ya lazy bugger  Tongue

ps: you'll have to select around 150GB of data in case there's that gaye "not enough disk space" then drop files in lots at a time,it should'nt take long depending on hdd speed
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