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Best-Selling System Utilities for Corporate Use (Read 3456 times)

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Best-Selling System Utilities for Corporate Use
Mar 14th, 2007 at 7:41am
Best-Selling System Utilities for Corporate Use by Unit Volume* (North America):
1. Symantec Antivirus, Symantec
2. Symantec Ghost, Symantec

3. NeatSuite, Trend Micro
4. Clnt/Svr, Trend Micro
5. ScanMail, Trend Micro
6. Active Virus Defense, McAfee Inc.
7. Diskeeper, Diskeeper Corporation
8. Active VirusScan, McAfee Inc.
9. Etrust, CA, Inc
10. OfficeScan, Trend Micro

Top 10 list taken from a 3 month span of unit sales, from November 2006 through January 2007.

* North American Product ranking and market share are based on unit sales.  All the data comes from National Purchase Diary (NPD) distribution channel software sales report.  NPD captures 88% of all sales going through distribution channels.
Source:  http://www.diskeeperblog.com/

It's not clear if "Ghost" in this context means all versions of Ghost, or only Ghost Solution Suite.  Additionally, I suspect that "unit sales" means that if one company purchases 500 licenses of a product, then that counts as 500 (and not 1) in the tabulation.

P.S.:  The same post also notes that Diskeeper has a "98.9% defragmenter market share".  One wonders how Raxco can claim on its website that "PerfectDisk is the world's leading disk defragmenter" and that PerfectDisk "is preferred over Diskeeper by 9 out of 10 corporations"?

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