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ghost boot wizard on external hard drive (Read 2673 times)
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ghost boot wizard on external hard drive
Jun 28th, 2007 at 12:17pm
Hi everyone, been reading on this forum for a while and has helped me alot. however for this answer i couldnt find so i felt the need to register and ask.

i have a 400gig sata hard drive external that i use to store all my images for my company.

now i currently setup the hard drive with the Ghost Boot wizard, so it has a 2 gig bootable FAT parition that loads ghost. then a 360gig or so partition with all the images.

now on a newer model computer (a dell latd520 for example) i can boot off the harddrive by selecting "usb storage device" after gettin to the boot menu (f12) and then selecting the parition with all the images and everything is fine.

now with an older desktop model we have here (a dell optiplex 170) when i select "boot off usb" from the boot menu it hangs

and when i boot off a ghost cd (i also created w/ ghost boot wizard) it loads into ghost, but ghost cannot find the 2nd harddrive parition, only the first one with the booting files on it.

just to test, i tried one of our bootable usb thumb drives (which we only use to update bios as the capacity is small) and that worked fine on the older machine.  so the machine can boot off usb successfully.

any ideas at all?
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