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Ghost 8.3 Multi-Nic Multicast Boot Cd... here's how..... (Read 3874 times)
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Ghost 8.3 Multi-Nic Multicast Boot Cd... here's how.....
Nov 15th, 2007 at 9:08am
On your bootable CD, you need pciscan.exe .......

Here is my autoexec.bat:

SET TZ=GHO+05:00
mscdex /d:cdrom01 /L:d



A:\pciscan.exe A:\netcard.map

echo The card driver is: %pci0%

A:\DOS\DEVICE A:\NETDRV\%pci0%.dos
set bind=%pci0%
cd ghost
echo Loading...
GHOST.EXE -clone,mode=restore,src=@mcsession3,dst=1 -sure

Here is the info from my readme file.... on your bootable CD image, you must have the NETDRV directory........

The NETDRV Directory is where all of the NIC drivers are saved.  The NIC driver must be in the <driver_name>.DOS format.  The NETDRV directory also contains the files necessary to connect to the imaging network by obtaining an ip address from a DHCP server.

In order to add a NIC you must:

1) First place the DOS NIC driver file (<driver_name>.DOS) in the NETDRV directory.
2) Then update the netcard.map file located in the root directory.  Instructions on how to update the map file are found within the netcard.map file.
3) Next, add an entry for the name of the NIC driver minus the .DOS extension in the PROTOCOL.INI file (which is located in the NETDRV directory) if the driver name is not already listed.

For example, if you have a driver in the NETDRV directory called e100b.DOS, then an entry should be included in the PROTOCOL.INI that looks like this:

drivername = "e100b$"

**Notice the dollar sign ($) at the end of the driver name on the second line.

**Don't forget to add the GHOST directory with GHOST.EXE in the directory to the CD once you get ready to burn a bootable CD.

NOTE:  The autoexec.bat specifies ghost.exe to use session3.  Edit the autoexec.bat file in order to use another session ID.

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