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Hamachi Networks and real VNC  cool very clever (Read 3936 times)
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Hamachi Networks and real VNC  cool very clever
Jun 8th, 2008 at 1:59pm

useful info:
How to make remote desktop via Hamachi and RealVNC

What is remote desktop ? - U can control your another computer from another computer where are

you now. You can see desktop of your another computer, u can move with mouse cursor on another

computer etc etc... what do u want to do with computer.

Oki than how to do it
1. Open hamachi
2. Install what kind of software for remote acessing as u want but i recommend to u RealVNC

software because it is freeware.
3. u can download it on Code:

download the free version (if u want u can buy others product if u have to spent some money)
4. Install RealVNC
5. After installed is good to restart PC
6. Than back run hamachi
7. Now Start - programs - RealVNC - VNC service 4 service mode - configure VNC sevice.
8. Configuration: Authentification - select no encryption
9.NOTE:after installing realVNC on all computers server and client
click option >connection Tab and make sure connection only to local machine is unticked
enter the Hammachi server number in text box of VNC client where it says server:

10. Connections - Ports 5900/3600/5800 Choose Serve Java viewer via http on port.
11 Inputs - select frist five posibillities
12. Sharing - better to select Use clients preferred sharing setting and better to cheoose Non-

shared connections...
13. Desktop - Select DO NOTHING only ! Other impossibilities is better to be unchosen
14. Select all 3 impossibilities

16. Close the config. settings
17. Back to Start - programs - RealVNC - VNC service 4 service mode - start VNC service
18. Your remote server is ready
19. Configure your other computer - same steps !
20. Run on PC where are u now Start - programs - RealVNC - VNC Viewer
21. Configure RealVNC in firewall for accepting incoming and outcomming connection
22. On RealVNC Viewer now type hamachi ip of your another computer and click on OK button.
23. If is all configerd ok it asked to you for a password of your computer where are u access in

- type your configured and remembered password.
24. If is all OK u now see desktop your next computer.



security. This is not public server. This is only for private purposes only. U configure your


-- Alternatives --

If you are after the remote control and VNC does not cut it for you for
some reason, you may want to look at LogMeIn. It is a zero config
remote access solution, technologically very similar to Hamachi.

How to repair a computer the other side of the world which is not
booting into windows from a computer on this side of the world
which is not Booting into windows either ???

answer easy with 2 REATOGOXPE cds with 2 plugins only
Hamachi and Ultravnc
both computers need 500MB Ram and at least powerful CPU(800MHZ)
and connected with wire to router connected to Internet

they do not even need HDD .
power on Hamachi on both PC now running REATOGOXPE CD
then log to an existing Hamachi network or make one new one yourself.

each of Hamachi servers get an IP address at this stage
and you see the green next to each computer name

and you now run Ultra VNC viewer at bottom of
in the server enter the IP(hamachi) address you see on hamachi
into VNC Viewer.
and you will see desk top of the other PC and you can clik and run application
on other PC .

both hamachi and Real VNC are small< than 1MB
so easy to even down load on every PC on the network

you get a virtual secure network over the internet
not internal LAN so if you doing it yourself make sure in real VNC server option>connection

allow external connection outside Lan (untick)
"only accept connection from local machine" (untick)

I like to thank Guys at REATOGOXPE for such a brilliant software
Thanks for your plugin, d4vr0s

and thank you Siegfried ; for your web site and clever tools .
how did you manage to do all that ???? evey thing works like a dream
with that ReatogoXPE recovery CD site.

Brilliant and many thanks
regards Ben

FF Copy : New too for copying files over Hamachi


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Re: Hamachi Networks and real VNC  cool very clever
Reply #1 - Jun 8th, 2008 at 3:35pm
Ya.  You can also use SSH to tunnel the VNC traffic across a network securely to a remote computer.  Very fun.
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