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I'm new to this!! (Read 2027 times)
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I'm new to this!!
Sep 25th, 2008 at 12:49am
Hi I'm new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong place, actually A guy reformatted my computer an year back and said now you don't need to reformat again and again , he said he made this cd for me, It is a Norton Ghost CD.

Now my computer is again messed up so I want to use that CD, I go to safe mode .

In the start I  chose the option copy from image

then comes Image file name to restore from

[ ]NTFS Drive
A : Local Drive
B : Local Drive
C :Local Drive

I don't know which option to chose!!

I'm in extreme need of help, please please help me!!
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Re: I'm new to this!!
Reply #1 - Sep 25th, 2008 at 8:09am
what version of ghost? do you know?

does it ask for a source or destination?

can you contact this guy?

if you have ghost, we can figure it out.
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Re: I'm new to this!!
Reply #2 - Oct 13th, 2008 at 7:49am
If the guy making that backup disk had his stuff together, it's bootable to Ghost or at least a Ghost menu.  You would NOT access it from within Windows, in that case.  It must be able to restore your Ghost Backup Image file even if your hard drive had crashed and was replaced with a new and blank drive.

In Ghost you're probably wanting to do a

The source of the Restore Data is of course your CD drive.
That would be "
" in your post.
Then it's going to ask you for the "TO" drive and that would be your C: drive.  
If your OS drive was formatted normally then it will be your NTFS drive.
Don't rely too much on the drive letters presented by Ghost.  NTFS drives are looked at differently than IDE drives.

All your questions would be answered if you could just talk to the guy that made the backup.
There are many ways to make that backup CD.

Good Luck,
The Shadow  Cool

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