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Ghost 11.5 XP (Vista /Windows 7) Imaging (Read 6282 times)
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Ghost 11.5 XP (Vista /Windows 7) Imaging
Jan 15th, 2009 at 12:05pm
Dear users,

I have a techincal question about Ghost (GSS)
I bought this a time ago, the reason was that this version of Ghost (Now 11.5) supported Vista and XP and Windows Server.

For about 1,5 year i trust Ghost in dos, and realy it did never fail any reset of my system.
So, installed the OS (Say XP) cleanup, config, install all updates and ghosted in dos using a SDHC Card.

Then to reimage my C:\ (20 GB for OS) i just put in the SDHC card and reload the image i stored on D:\ (where i also ofcoure have all my documents)

This has worked for more than 1 year, and i think Symantec's Ghost is still the best imaging sollution ever.

However, i have a question :

What wil happen if i install Windows 7 on C:\
Then setup windowsa 7 to test for microsoft
Then reboot into DOS with my SDHC Ghost version
Make a New Ghost Image.gho of this OS.


Now, if i wanted to go back to XP from an other Image.gho and i reimage the C:\ drive  like i do now for years
what wil happen to my MBR ?

I cannot test Windows 7 in Vmware good enough i do not like dual boot, but just install over my C:\ and make a backup with ghost so i can switch  between my XP normal OS Image and this on the same partition C:\

It should be possible, only thing i like to know is wil Ghost 11.5 reset the MBR clear and correct if i reimage Windows Vista/7 Over the OS it had before XP. And if i reimage back to XP from a Ghost image will this be oke? Especcialy the MBR and NTFT Mirror $Log files? Or will they just be formated on every reimage?

Hope someone could help me on this one..



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Nigel Bree
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Re: Ghost 11.5 XP (Vista /Windows 7) Imaging
Reply #1 - Jan 15th, 2009 at 11:54pm
If you have Ghost Solution Suite, there's an official Symantec forum for it at https://forums.symantec.com/syment/board?board.id=109 - it's not a support forum as such, but the board is run by the development and QA teams who work on the product.

what will happen to my MBR?

The boot process for Vista and Windows 7 does not differ from any previous edition in that respect.

The boot process for Vista and Windows 7 is different in what happens later, during the secondary phases of booting the operating system from the OS partition; Ghost versions 11.0 and later (sold in Ghost Solution 2.0 and 2.5) know how to make adjustments to any restored Vista partition to ensure it boots, and in particular that it recognises the disk signature ID stored in the MBR as its own.

Or will they just be formated on every reimage?

Using Ghost 11.5, going back and forth between any image regardless of the OS contained in it should be successful. The fixups Ghost needs to do to make Vista or Windows 7 or Linux systems bootable after restoring are done in the restored partitions.
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