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Ghost 2003 cannot see the external DVD player (Read 7120 times)
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Ghost 2003 cannot see the external DVD player
Jan 24th, 2009 at 3:10pm

I have a laptop - a netbook:
ASUS Eee PC 1000HD (no floppy, no internal DVD ROM)
I have been trying (unsuccessfuly.. ) to make a ghost image of the all disk using Ghost 2003 (.793 build)
an External USB optical drive:
SAMSUNG SE-S224Q 22X External USB 2.0 DVD-Writer
(TSSTcorpCDDVDW SE-S224Q USB Device)

Here below, some information about my netbook:

make/model motherboard:
ASUSTek Computer INC.
Model 1000HD
Chipset Intel i915GMS/i910GML

Hard Drive:
seagate SATA
Momentus 5400.4 SATA 3Gb/s 160-GB Hard Drive

Intel Celeron-M 353 (900MHz)


Microsoft Windows XP Home

American Megatrends Inc. v 1001
EC Firmware Version: EPCB-016

Primary IDE master: [ST9160827AS]

USB Functions: Enable

USB 2.0 Controller: Enable

BIOS original boot configuration:
1st Boot Device [Removal Device]
2nd Boot Device [HDD:PM-ST9160827AS]
3rd Boot Device [USB:TSSTcorpCDDVD]

I changed it to the following configuration:
1st Boot Device [USB:TSSTcorpCDDVD]
2nd Boot Device [Removal Device]
3rd Boot Device [HDD:PM-ST9160827AS]

There's no internal floppy drive available,
only an External USB floppy drive:
Sony 1.44 MB USB External Floppy Disk Drive: MPF82E-U3/132

"And, it looks like that system has an internal IDE CD-ROM drive, and you are hooking up the external USB optical drive to it--correct?"(NightOwl)
I suppose the answer should be yes.

1. Using Ghost from Windows XP mode with the native Norton/Iomega PC-DOS driver, Ghost restarts the netbook, but ends with the following message:

Iomega ASPI USB-EHCI 1.0 v.13 09 May 2003
Copyright (C) 2003 Iomega Corporation.
All rights reserved.


(or ID2, ID3, depending to wich usb port the device is connected. A space after this frase, there's a prompt line and I have to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit...)

2. Following NightOwl's guide, I created a Standard Ghost Bootable CD-on Steroids.
It works fine with another laptod with an internal optical drive, but when I try it with the eee pc 1000HD I get Ghost under DOS, I can identifie the disk, but cannot go further than that - the only possible choise is A:\ and Ghost tells me there's not enough place for the image file.
It seems Ghost can see A:\ but cannot see the external DVD player even though the PC booted from it.

3. Following El Pescador's instructions to embed Night Owl's routine in the User Files of Ghost Options, I arrive to see Ghost restarting via MS DOS but all ends with this message:

Error Number: (2203)
Message: Invalid CD/DVD drive specified

I'm far away from being a genious with computers and not very used to work with DOS, config.sys and autoexec.bat files... Please make an effort to be clear in your explanations. Thank you.

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Re: Ghost 2003 cannot see the external DVD player
Reply #1 - Apr 20th, 2009 at 3:39pm
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Re: Ghost 2003 cannot see the external DVD player
Reply #2 - Apr 21st, 2009 at 5:04pm

I have been trying (unsuccessfuly.. ) to make a ghost image of the all disk using Ghost 2003 (.793 build) and an External USB optical drive

This will probably not be possible--the only way Ghost 2003 is able to write to optical media is if the DOS Ghost program can access your optical drive using Ghost 2003's internal built-in optical drive drivers that are aware of your optical drive's characteristics and can control the writing process.  If Ghost 2003 can do this, your optical drive will be listed in the *destination* drop-down box, and your drive will be listed after a *@* symbol.

Ghost 2003 does not have the ability to access an external USB optical drive with those drivers--you have to load other external DOS USB drivers--so writing to the optical disc is not going to happen.  

Now, you can have an image on optical media and read from the optical disc if you have successfully mounted the USB optical drive, and it has been assigned a DOS drive letter.  So your optical drive can be a *source* drive, but not a *destination* drive for images.

I have no experience with the later versions of Corporate Ghost v8.xx and 11.xx which have built-in USB optical drive drivers--those versions may be able to write to an external USB optical drive if Ghost is compatible with that particular drive.


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