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Pen Suites (Lupo + WinInizio) (Read 2175 times)

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Pen Suites (Lupo + WinInizio)
Mar 18th, 2009 at 12:02am
You guys ever heard of 'Pen Suites' .. such as Lupo & WinInizio?



These products supposedly contain a 'suite' of PORTABLE programs that you can run off a USB thumb drive (Pen drive, hence the name).

Single download. User-friendly interface. Constantly upgraded. All freeware and/or open source.

Sounds cool .. to be able to carry hundreds of cool programs with you .. whereever you go.

Anybody have any first-hand experience?

Thought I was familiar with most software programs, but they contains many I haven't heard of:


I have two 4-gig thumb drives.
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