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80x15 buttons (Read 1600 times)

Sufferin' succotash

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80x15 buttons
Apr 6th, 2009 at 11:55pm
I was playing around with this 80x15 generator today:


and made a few Rad buttons:




My design skills seem to be limited to trying something and seeing if I like it .. or fixing what I don't like.

Fun stuff, anyway. There's a lot of stuff online that lets you make a lot a cool things .. especially buttons .. even using gradients, and also CSS menu-buttons .. for the top/side of web pages. Just plug in your variables (button color, text color, button size, etc) and click the button to generate the code.

I think the 80x15 format is a standard button size for the web .. at least one of them.

Despite any design skillz, I am starting to become comfortable with a number of gfx-oriented programs.
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