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Ghost32 Vers11.5Force a dismount or Volume snapshot (Read 11867 times)

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Ghost32 Vers11.5Force a dismount or Volume snapshot
Jan 8th, 2010 at 9:49pm
Hi all.

I hope that I am posting in the right division

I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch that comes with a 160 Gig HD. No optical drive installed. Only in-put is via USB or the card reader.

The actual "installation system" for XP Home is, I am told, located on a hidden partition of about 8 Gigs.

This function I have already utilized as I had the need for a full re-install when I botched the removal of several items of crap-ware pre-installed onto C:\ drive.

I have a Ghost32  Ver. 11.5 loaded onto a USB stick.

Here is what happened.

After Windows fired up, I inserted the USB stick and activated the Ghost32 program. A small window opened within the desktop similar to the DOS Ghost 2003.

I followed the prompts to make a back up but just before the final button push I got this warning:

"A source volume could not be locked as it is in use by another process. Do you wish to attempt to force a dismount on the volume or to use Volume Snapshot.

If you choose "Force a Dismount" than ALL FILES ON THIS VOLUME WOULD THEN BE INVALID"

So my question is:

What do they mean by this warning as I am not familiar with these terms?  Embarrassed


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Re: Ghost32 Vers11.5Force a dismount or Volume snapshot
Reply #1 - Jan 9th, 2010 at 5:37pm

I have a Ghost32  Ver. 11.5 loaded onto a USB stick.

What do they mean by this warning as I am not familiar with these terms?

Ghost32 is a version of the DOS based Ghost that is designed to run under various versions of Windows--i.e. it does not run by itself--Windows must be up and running to execute the *ghost32.exe* program.  It opens a *command* window within whatever version of Windows you are running and performs the Ghost procedure from there!

You can be running Ghost32 from your version of Windows that's installed on your HDD, if you multiboot and have a second OS running on a separate partition--you can run Ghost32 from there and make an image of an *inactive* partition with the second OS on it, you can create a BartPE and run Ghost32 from that boot disc--now you are running Ghost32 from RAM and booting from the optical disc, or you can run Ghost32 from the various Windows PE boot discs (if you know how to do that!).

So, even though you have put Ghost32 on a USB stick, you are actually booted to and running your Windows programs (including Ghost32) from your main HDD--and you have opened a command Window using your current OS on the HDD. 

Is your HDD a single partition for your OS and data files?  If you attempt to save an image file to the same partition that you are running Ghost32 from, you have a program conflict--as you save the file, the partition you are saving is being altered by the creation of the saved file--it's an endless loop and it will not work!!!

In order for Ghost to make an image file of your active Windows OS, it must take a *snapshot* of a given moment that represents the state of all the files of the OS partition, and then record that moment in time as the frozen point in time to place in the image file--but the image file is not static--you are creating it at the same time!  If you were saving the file to another destination (another partition, a second internal HDD, an optical disk, a network HDD, an external USB HDD or flashdrive, etc.), then I think everything would probably work okay!


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